Best 2 Person Plug and Play Hot Tubs

A two-person hot tub is perfect for the times when you want to relax with a special someone. With a plug and play two-person hot tub, you don’t have to worry about electrical fittings or additional hardware. You can plug the hot tub in your existing power outlet and enjoy the hot water in no time at all. With a two-person hot tub, your biggest concern should be the space available in the hot tub so that you can sit comfortably in the hot tub with another person. Another consideration should be the time it takes for the hot tub to heat the water. Keep in mind that if you have a large hot tub, it will take longer to heat the water.

In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best two person plug and play hot tubs so that you can choose the one that best suits your requirements. We will also take a look at the essential features, pros, and cons of the hot tubs. You can take a look at the comparison chart given below to find out more about the crucial features of all hot tubs.

Comparison Chart

Serial NoProduct NameBrandNo. of PersonsJetsWater CapacityVoltageWaterfall AvailableOzonatorLED LightsProduct SizeEditor's Rating
1Premium 300Aquarest220160 gallons120vYesYesYes2' 8'' H x 5' 7 3/4'' W x 6' 8'' L4.5
2Cordoba 2-PersonQCA Spas216190 gallons120vNoYesYes2' 5'' H x 3' 6'' W x 7' 7'' L4.5
3YukonCanadian Span Company21692 gallons120vYesYesYes30in x 40in x 84 in5
4American Spas AM-628TSAmerican Spas228130 gallons110vYesYesYes72 x 72 x 35 inches3.9


1) Premium 300 2-Person 20-Jet Plug and Play Hot Tub – A Comfortable 2 person plug and play hot tub

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If you are looking for a hot tub that offers ample space and has all the features you could ask for in a small package, then check out this hot tub. This premium hot tub from AquaRest comes with 20 stainless steel jets, a waterfall feature, LED lights, and an Ozonator to create an all-in-one package for a spacious and comfortable hot tub.

The Easy Klean filtration system in the hot tub keeps the water clean and fresh. The filtration system is excellent because it is easy to change the filter. The Ozonator is another superb addition to this hot tub as it reduces the need to add chemicals to the water. Fewer chemicals mean less scope of skin irritation or allergies.

The hot tub has a fully insulated shell that keeps the water warm for a longer time. You can also cover the spa with a sealing cover when it’s not in use so that it can lock in the heat.

This is permium version of basic model Select 300 2-Person 20-Jet Plug and Play Hot Tub with LED Waterfall.


  1. Energy efficient
  2. Easy Klean filtration system keeps the water fresh
  3. Ozonator kills bacteria easily
  4. Easy plug and play operation with option of conversion to 240v
  5. Roto-molded cabinet is durable and weather-resistant


  1. The panel to access settings of the hot tub is difficult to access
  2. The pump of the hot tub is not powerful
  3. There are no foot jets in the hot tub
  4. Lounge seat is not comfortable
  5. The power cord is short in length

2) Cordoba 2-Person 16-Jet Plug and Play Hot Tub – A Durable Plug and Play 2 Person Hot Tub

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This hot tub from QCA Spas has 190 gallons of water capacity, and it comes with an exciting range of features. The hot tub has built-in seating for added comfort, and there are LED lights, an Ozonator, and a cover included with the hot tub. If you are in the market for a high-quality hot tub that sits two people and doesn’t require additional electrical fittings, this hot tub fits the bill.

The hot tub comes with a digital control panel so that you can change the water temperature, lights, and jets without getting out of the hot tub. Sixteen jets in the hot tub are situated in the ideal position for the maximum hydrotherapy benefits. The 1.5 horsepower pump moves the water powerfully through the hot tub so that you can relax in hot water. 


  1. The hot tub heats up in half a day
  2. The hot tub comes with a built-in cup holder
  3. The construction is high-quality and durable
  4. There is ample space for two people in the hot tub
  5. The hot tub doesn’t make too much noise while it’s on.


  1. The access panel is difficult to reach
  2. The controls take up space inside the hot tub

3) Yukon Plug and Play 2-Person 16-Jet Hot Tub – Two Person Plug and Play Hot Tub with Exciting Features

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This hot tub is a plug and play unit that has ample space for two people. The hot tub offers excellent value for money by bringing a fantastic set of features in a small package. There is no need for any additional electrical setup, and you can plug the hot tub into the existing electrical supply. The modern design of this cabinet looks great in any backyard or patio.

There is an Ozonator installed in the hot tub that keeps the water fresh and clean. With an Ozonator, there is no need to add too many chemicals in the hot tub to clean the water. There are sixteen jets installed in the hot tub at specific points for added hydrotherapy benefits.

Users can also adjust the force of the jets as per their requirements to ensure ideal pressure according to user comfort. Another exciting feature of this hot tub is the built-in music player with pop-up LED speakers.


  1. The hot tub includes a built-in aromatherapy canister
  2. You can enjoy music with the inbuilt mp3 player
  3. The hot tub offers a high degree of insulation
  4. Cascading waterfall is ideal for creating a mood while soaking
  5. The shell comes with a 10-year warranty


  1. None yet

4) American Spas AM-628TS 2-Person 28-Jet Triangle Spa – Perfect Hydrotherapy Plug and Play Tub for Two People

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This hot tub comes with 28 jets that are fixed in the hot tub to provide maximum hydrotherapy benefits to the users. It is easy to control the jets for flow, pressure, and direction to focus on specific areas of the body. You can sit comfortably in the hot tub as there is ample space in it for two people. The functions of the hot tub are easy to use as the digital control panel can be operated without getting out of the hot tub.

If you are looking for a quiet hot tub, this is the ideal product because it has the 5.5kW heavy-duty titanium heater that works quietly to heat the water in as little as 12 hours. The HydroClear Ozonator cleans the water so that you don’t need to add too many chemicals to clean up the water. The hot tub has a capacity of 130 gallons of water and you can relax comfortably in the water while the jets offer a relaxing massage all over your body.


  1. The hot tub comes with adjustable jets
  2. There is enough space for two people
  3. The lights are great for creating a mellow mood
  4. The hot tub is perfect for small spaces


  1. The insulation is on the weaker side
  2. It is difficult to drain the hot tub fully
  3. Removing the cover is awkward
  4. There is no waterfall included with this hot tub
  5. The hot tub loses temperature quickly

Buyer’s Guide for Buying Best 2 Person Plug and Play Hot Tubs

If you are in the market for a two-person plug and play hot tub, here are some of the things you can keep in mind to help you in making an informed decision.

  1. Space – A two-person hot tub should have ample space for two people to sit comfortably . Make sure to check the dimensions of the hot tub and see if it suits your size in terms of height. A deeper hot tub will always offer additional space, so keep an eye on the depth as well.
  2. Hydrotherapy Benefits – If you are looking for a hot tub that offers hydrotherapy benefits, choose one with more jets. Extra jets mean you can get focused streams of water on different areas of the body. If you can customize the jets for flow and pressure, that is even better for hydrotherapy.
  3. Ozonator – An Ozonator is a must for any modern hot tub as it keeps the water clean by removing bacteria and germs from it. With an Ozonator, you don’t need to add a lot of chemicals to the water to clean it. Look for a hot tub with a high-quality Ozonator. 


Buying a two-person hot tub is easy when you know what you want from a hot tub. Most of all, you need to focus on the space the hot tub provides. If the hot tub has enough space for you and your partner, it can be a great choice. Also, look for other features such as waterfall, LED lights, Ozonator, number of jets, the quality of the hot tub, and more.

With all these features in place, you can make an informed choice about which hot tub to buy. Keep in mind that most two-person plug and play hot tubs might be a little short on space if you are a tall person, so choose one only after looking up the dimensions of the hot tub.

We hope this article helped give you an insight into two-person plug and play hot tubs. For any queries and questions, you can leave a comment, and our team will get back to you at the earliest.


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Joe Burkett - December 4, 2019

Can a hot tub be put in place of a regular bath tub ? also can the drain for the hot tub fit the old bath tub , what are power specs ? and avg cost for equipment . Thanks

    Richard - December 5, 2019

    Putting a hot tub in place of a bathtub is not recommended because you will need to remodel the whole bathroom. A hot tub needs structural supports because it will be heavier once it’s filled with water, and people are sitting in it. You also need proper ventilation in the bathroom as regular usage of hot tub can lead to a heavy moisture environment which can cause mold and mildew. Hot tub maintenance is also difficult in an enclosed space.

    So, I don’t recommend putting a hot tub in place of a bathtub. Your best option is to use a hot tub outdoors or an in an open space that is well ventilated and has a strong base to support the weight of the hot tub.


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