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Hot tubs are a great way to relax, enjoy and be at ease after a hard day’s work. There are many benefits of hot tubs other than relaxation and rejuvenation. A soak in a hot tub can help you sleep better, increase the blood circulation in your body, and help you to alleviate pains and aches in joints. As much fun as hot tubs are, you need to take proper care and maintenance of hot tubs so that you can get maximum use out of them.

One of the most important things that you need to take care of hot tubs is hot tub covers. These covers are essential for use of hot tubs as these have many advantages that help you to maintain as well as make the best possible use of the hot tubs. Hot tub covers are available in various shapes, sizes, and material choices. There are different types of hot tub covers as well, some buckle up, others simply cover the hot tub.

It can be a little confusing to see which hot tub cover is the best for your hot tub. In this write up, we are going to take a look at some of the popular hot tub covers, their pros, cons, features, specifications and much more. We’ve chosen the best hot tub covers after thorough research and we hope that by the end of this article, you will be able to choose a hot tub cover for your hot tub.

Best Hot Tub Covers

Comparison Chart of Best Hot Tub Covers 

Product NameDimensionsWeightMaterialWarrantyEditor RatingWhere to Buy?
BeyondNice Hot Tub Cover6 x 96 x 96 inches55 poundsVinyl5 Years4.5/5Check on Amazon
CoverMates Square Hot Tub Cover84W x 84D x 14H6.9 poundsCommercial vinyl2 Years4.6/5Check on Amazon
Classic Accessories12 x 96 x 96 inches4.5 poundsPolyester FabricThree Years4.4/5Check on Amazon
The Cover Guy Deluxe Hot Tub Cover96 x96 maximum150 poundsMarine Grade Vinyl7 Years4.3/5Check on Amazon
Budge All-Seasons Square Hot Tub Cover86 x 14 x 86 inches2 pounds3 Layer SFS1 year3.3/5Check on Amazon
Leaf Net - Hot Tub / Spa108 x 108 x 2.4 inches1.5 poundsHigh-Strength Micro MeshNA3.8/5Check on Amazon
EmpirePatio Square Hot Tub Covers14 x 86 x 86 NAThree Layer Protective Material1 Year4.0/5Check on Amazon
Spa Cover Cap Thermal8 x 8 feet x 12 inches6.1 poundsWoven Polyethylene1 Year3.9/5Check on Amazon
Sundance Optima Replacement Spa Cover89 x 89 inches with 8 inchNACommercial Grade Vinyl1 year3.9/5Check on Amazon
Budge English Garden Square Hot Tub Cover14 x 94 x 94 inches6 poundsSpun Polyester2 Year Warranty4.1/5Check on Amazon

Why Choose a Hot Tub Cover?

A hot tub can be difficult to take care of if you don’t have the right tools and equipment. A Hot tub cover is the most important piece of equipment that you can use to ensure your hot tub stays in a pristine condition ready for use when you want it to. Here are some reasons why you should choose a hot tub cover.

  • Security A hot tub cover locks onto your hot tub and helps to prevent any small animals or insects from getting into your hot tub. In winter months, the warmth of the hot tub can attract small critters and they can try to get into the hot tub, but once you have a hot tub cover installed, that won’t be possible.
  • Insulation Hot tub covers are the best way to provide insulation to your hot tub while the water is heating up. With a proper hot tub cover in place, the water will get heated up quickly and more efficiently.
  • Protection from Elements A hot tub cover protects your hot tub from external elements such as rain, wind, dust, snow and more. External elements can contaminate the water of the tub and create an imbalance in the water’s composition making it unfit for use.
  • Energy Conservation You can put on a hot tub cover once you get out of the water from a hot tub so that it will stay warmer for a longer duration than usual.
  • Easy to Use Putting on a hot tub cover is really easy as these are available in various models and you can choose from simple lock down covers to zip covers and covers that can roll over the tub for better insulation and protection.
  • Safety Hot tub covers with locks also add to the safety of your hot tub. While the water is getting hot, putting on the hot tub cover ensures no one accidentally falls into the hot tub. Often, with seniors and children around, there is a risk of them falling into the hot tub, but with a hot tub cover, you can prevent such accidents.

Cons of Buying Hot Tub Cover

When you’re looking to buy a hot tub cover there are certain things you need to keep mind as the negative aspects associated with hot tub covers. Some of those things are:

  • Low Quality Hot Tub Covers Not all hot tub covers are made of excellent material. Low quality hot tub covers can start to develop rips and tears in their material over time and this can totally negate the value of having a hot tub cover. Dirt and dust can get in and contaminate the water, making it unfit for use. If you’re buying a hot tub cover, make sure you buy a cover made from high quality materials.
  • Hot Tub Covers With Non-Functional Designs If you’re buying a hot tub and it has a design that doesn’t account for snowfall, rainfall or extreme hot or cold temperature, it can be difficult to use this cover in these conditions as it will sag and tear under the weight of the snow, water, or weather.
  • Hot Tub Covers Need Maintenance When you start using your hot tub cover, it will be exposed to varying water temperatures, different types of weather, chemical and much more. These covers can tend to lose their shine and lustre with time unless they’re taken care of properly. You need to regularly clean the covers and dry them out so that they can last longer and look good too.
  • Fitting on the Hot Tub A cover should fit properly on the hot tub for perfect insulation and prevention from insects or critters. You need to buy a cover that exactly fits your hot tub otherwise, it can leave gaps that will allow heat to escape and insects to get into the water.
  • You might need to buy a cover remover Simply buying a hot tub cover is not enough. These things can get heavy and difficult to remove as they can often soak in water. You will need to buy an additional device called the hot tub cover remover that can remove the hot tub cover easily. This is an additional expense if your hot tub cover doesn’t already include this mechanism.
  • Locking Straps Are A Must If you’ve put on the cover on your hot tub you need to lock it down properly every time otherwise the cover can blow away in fast winds. Improper locks mean that children or small animals can easily get into the tub.

Different Types of Hot Tub Covers

Different Types of Hot Tub Covers

There are as many hot tub covers available as there are hot tubs in the market. You need to really dig deep down to find the kind of cover that will be best for your hot tub. Here are some types of hot tub covers that you can choose from.

  • Soft Covers These are some of the most common types of covers available in the market. They are also very easy to use. You can simply roll the cover over the hot tub. As these are made from softer materials like vinyl, plastic or foam, these are best suitable for hot tubs that are located in the house under a proper cover from the elements.
  • Solar Covers These are the new types of covers in the market that not only cover your hot tub but also keep the water hot as long as the sun is out. This type of covers can help you in greatly reducing your power bills as you won’t need to keep the power on to heat up the water all the time.
  • Hard Shell Covers These covers come with a hard shell that latches onto the hot tub with buckles or locks. These are harder to move as these are also very heavy. You might need to use a hot tub cover remover with these covers to properly remove and put them back on the tub.
  • Seasonal Covers These are heavy duty covers that are ideal for use during the whole season. These covers completely cover up the hot tub instead of just the top of the tub so that the tub’s sides are also protected from snow, rain, and heat. These hot tub covers are ideal for adding to the life of your hot tub.

How We Choose Hot Tub Covers for This Write-up

Choosing the best ten hot tub covers from the range available in the market is not an easy task. That’s why we kept in mind certain factors that we used to pick these hot tub covers. Here are some of the factors we followed.

  • The Material of the Hot Tub Cover Better material can provide better performance from the hot tub cover in terms of insulation and durability. We took into account the type of material the hot tub cover has and gave a higher ranking to hot tub covers with better quality material.
  • Warranty A higher warranty period is always a good thing when it comes to hot tub covers. We chose hot tub covers that offered the best warranty to cover every kind of damage or malfunction with the cover and gave those products a higher ranking.
  • Ease of Installation Some covers are a lot of hassle to put on the hot tub. We looked through the available range of hot tub covers, read the reviews and chose the hot tub covers that were easy to install on the hot tub and also easy to remove.
  • User Reviews User reviews are a great indication of how the hot tub cover performs in the real world. We read through countless user reviews to zero in on the products that worked best for actual users in real world conditions.

Best Hot Tub Cover Reviews

1. BeyondNice Hot Tub Cover and Spa Cover, 6-inch

View on Amazon

BeyondNice offers a complete range of customizable insulating covers that are made from the best materials available in the market. You can choose the cover you like and the company’s representatives will connect with you to get the specifications of your hot tub as well as the type of cover you’d like. This cover is six inches thick and offers maximum insulation from the elements helping in lowering your electricity bills. It also means your hot tub will get warm quicker than before. Let’s have a look at the features and specifications of this hot tub cover.


  • The cover can be customized to exact specifications of your hot tub
  • The cover comes with a 5 year warranty
  • Made from non-corrosive Galvalum metal c-channels for additional durability
  • Comes with polyethylene vapor barrier to keep moisture out
  • Made from mildew resistant military grade vinyl
  • Six inch skirt offer weather and UV protection


  • The hot tub cover might develop holes if kept on the ground
  • The stitching around corners and edges might come apart with extensive usage
  • The handles of the cover are on the end and not on the sides for flipping
  • Customized covers can be a hit or miss in case of lapse in communication between the customer and manufacturer
  • The tie down straps are made from flimsy material

Editor’s Verdict

When you need a quality cover that is made to meet the exact specifications of your hot tub, you can rely on BeyondNice. The firm offers hot tub covers in a wide range of sizes, the maximum being 96” x 96” and these covers are made from the best materials available in the market. You can get the covers customized as per your exact requirements by discussing with the company’s representatives and you will get the cover delivered at your address in 10-15 business days. The covers are backed by a 5 year warranty so you can rest assured you will get a solution if something goes wrong with the cover.

2. CoverMates – Square Hot Tub Cover

View on Amazon

This Square Hot Tub Cover from CoverMates is the perfect hot tub cover for large hot tubs. The hot tub cover is made from high quality commercial vinyl that comes with 12-gauge of thickness. The cover also has an elastic hem that adds to the overall area under the cover and helps to provide additional stability to the cover. The polyester lining of this hot tub cover also acts as a deterrent to small insects and critters that are otherwise attracted to felt lining. Here’s a quick look at the features and specifications of this hot tub cover.


  • High quality construction
  • Durable commercial vinyl material
  • Large size, ideal for most tubs
  • Prevents dust, pollen, and dirt from getting in the water
  • The cover is easy to put on the hot tub


  • The outer green layer can flake easily
  • The cover is not completely waterproof
  • The cover doesn’t perform too well under harsh temperature conditions

Editor’s Verdict

This is the ideal hot tub cover is you’re looking for something that is durable, reliable and fits to the T. This hot tub cover is made from high quality commercial vinyl that doesn’t wear or tear down easily. The tub cover is easy to put on the tub and it comes with an elastic hem that provides additional stability. If you’re looking for a tub cover that will last you for years, this is the one you should pick.

3. Classic Accessories 55-586-011501-00 Veranda Square Hot Tub Cover, Large

View on Amazon

The Square Hot Tub Cover by Classic Accessories is the ideal cover for your hot tub as it can prevent any debris, dust, or dirt from getting into the hot tub. The cover is easy to use and you can install it without any problem. It is an all-weather cover and it is also backed by a 3 year warranty. Classic Accessories covers are made from durable quality material just like this cover is made from polyester fabric. For better performance, the cover also comes coated with special water-repellent undercoating.


  • The cover is large in size and fits most hot tubs
  • The water repellent fabric is perfect for protecting the tub during rainy season
  • The cover comes with padded handles for easy removal
  • It is easy to adjust the cover with elastic hem cord
  • It works with more spa cover lifts as well


  • The cover is prone to tearing near the corners
  • The cover is not waterproof
  • The cover gets dirty easily
  • The middle portion of the tub might collect water during rains

Editor’s Verdict

If you’re looking for a hot tub cover that will fit your hot tub and offer a durable experience as well, then this is the cover for you. This cover is made from Polyester fabric that is ideal for all kinds of weather. The cover is easy to install over the insulated cover and it protects the cover as well as your hot tub from getting damaged by any kind of weather. You can use the elastic hem cord for tying up this hot tub cover. This included three year warranty makes this hot tub cover a total steal.

4. The Cover Guy Deluxe Hot Tub Cover, Custom Made Replacement 5″ Taper

The Cover Guy Deluxe

The Cover Guy is one of the most reputed brands offering custom made covers for hot tubs. You can choose from the color of your liking and the team from The Custom Guy will get in touch with you to get the dimensions of your tub and create a custom sized cover for you from the best materials available in the market. The high quality construction of these hot tub covers ensures that you can save on your energy bills. These covers are designed to repel water, snow, and ice while keeping in the heat so that the water is toasty warm when you need it. Let’s take a quick look at the specifications of this hot cover.


  • Custom made covers for the best fit
  • Comes with coating for zero water absorption
  • Includes 7 year warranty
  • Covers can be custom made for sizes up to 96”x96”
  • Tear free handles add to security
  • Reinforced folding hinge adds to the cover’s safety quotient


  • The skirt design doesn’t fit the tubs properly
  • The cover doesn’t provide adequate seal
  • The cover material can start developing cracks over time

Editor’s Verdict

If you’re looking for a custom made cover in your choice of color, then The Cover Guy is your best bet. The team at The Cover Guy creates custom hot tub covers that are designed to fit your tub as per the measurements provided by you. The covers are made from high quality materials and the quality of these materials makes these covers highly durable for all weather conditions. The stellar 7 year warranty is a sign of the company’s confidence in its products. So what are you waiting for, get your custom cover today!

5. Budge All-Seasons Square Hot Tub Cover, Medium (Tan)

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The Budge All-Seasons Square Hot Tub Cover is the ideal cover for medium sized hot tubs. This cover is highly durable as it is made from 3 layers of tech spun-bond polypropylene. You can easily use this hot tub cover in all weather conditions and it will prevent the water in your hot tub from getting polluted by debris, dirt, rain, or insects. The cover is also excellent at keeping the water in the spa hot by keeping the heat trapped inside. The spa cover has a full elastic hem that adds to its stability in adverse weather conditions. Here’s a look at some more features and specifications of this hot tub cover.


  • Made from highly durable material
  • The construction material is waterproof and UV proof
  • Comes with ultrasonic seams for higher durability
  • Includes straps for better security in adverse weather conditions
  • The cover looks great in stylish tan color


  • The hot tub cover is prone to get mold
  • The material can crack under constant exposure to the sun
  • The cover is not waterproof
  • The cover might rip if pulled with force

Editor’s Verdict

The Budge All-Seasons Square Hot Tub cover has a durable construction that can stand the test of most kinds of weather. The cover is made from three layer SFS material that adds to its strength and durability. This is the perfect cover for protecting your hard cover as well as your tub’s water from any kind of contaminants. If you’re looking for a durable and functional hot tub cover, pick this cover today.

6. Leaf Net – Hot Tub / Spa

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If you live in a location with moderate weather and you want a hot tub covering product that is light and easy, then the Leaf Net from EZ Leaf Cover is the ideal product for you. This cover is easy to use as you can simply place it over your hot tub to prevent any leaves or dirt from getting into the tub. You will not only keep the water in your tub clean, but you will also have to spend less time in cleaning the tub. When not in use, the Leaf Net can be folded up easily and stored away in the provided bag. Here’s a look at the specifications of this tub cover.


  • Made from highly durable micro PVC material
  • The mesh is weather resistant
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • The cover can be folded and put in a bag when not in use
  • Works well under adverse wind conditions


  • The net needs to be held down by anything heavy in high winds
  • The screen can sink and touch the water
  • The mesh can disintegrate under continued exposure to the sun

Editor’s Verdict

If you’re looking for a lightweight hot tub cover, then this is the ideal product for you. This hot tub cover is easy to use as it folds up in a large circular shape that can be placed on hot tubs of virtually any size. As this is a lightweight cover meant to only keep leaves and dirt out of the hot tub, you might need to weigh it down in the case of heavy winds. The material is durable and shows great longevity under harsh weather conditions. The instructions for folding the cover are available on the manufacturer’s website.

7. EmpirePatio Square Hot Tub Covers Cap 86 in Wide – Nutmeg

View on Amazon

The Square Hot Tub Covers from EmpireCovers are designed for hot tubs that are 86” wide. These covers are made from high quality material that is highly durable. The three layer material protects the tub from the elements and also maintains the heat when the tub’s water is getting heated up. The cover is also vented to prevent the growth of mold. With an included 1 year warranty, buyers can rest assured that they will find a solution in case something goes wrong with the cover. Let’s take a quick look at the features and specifications of this hot tub cover.


  • The hot tub cover is 100% waterproof
  • The cover is ideal for 86”x86” hot tubs
  • The design of the cover keeps heat in and keeps insects out
  • The three layer material offers high degree of durability
  • The cover is also UV ray proof


  • The cover is not very effective at keeping rainwater out of the hot tub
  • The color fades away quickly when exposed to sunlight
  • The inside material is prone to flaking away

Editor’s Verdict

If you’re looking for an affordable and durable cover, then this is the cover you should get. The cover is made from durable materials that are waterproof and UV ray proof as well. The design of the cover is suitable for hot tubs that measure 86”x86” and the sides of the cover fall over to prevent heat loss and keep dust and debris out of the water. This is a simple and useful hot tub cover that is available at an amazing price. Get this one today!

8. Spa Cover Cap Thermal Spa Cover Protector – 8 X 8 Feet X 12 Inches

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The Thermal Spa Cover Protector is the ideal cover when you want to protect your thermal cover from harsh UV rays. The spa cover protector is easy to install as it simply stretches over the existing thermal cover and adds to the insulating properties of the cover. The cover protector can be held together with an elastic band. The cover is made from highly durable woven polyethylene and it comes in a silver color that is perfect for melting snow. If you’re based in a region where snow falls and you want to maintain your hot tub, you should get this cover protector. Let’s take a quick look at the features and specifications of this hot tub cover.


  • The spa cover cap offers protection from rain, dust, debris, snow and more
  • The cover is highly durable and made from woven polyethylene
  • Silver color is ideal for melting snow
  • 12 inch overlap helps to retain heat and prevents insects from getting in
  • The cover is lightweight and easy to put on the hot tub


  • The elastic is not high quality and prone to breakage
  • In high wind conditions heat might escape from the cover
  • The cover is slightly smaller in size than mentioned in specifications

Editor’s Verdict

This cover is best suited for users living in areas that get a lot of snow. The cover not only protects your hot tub from snow, but it also ensures that the snow melts away as the silver color acts as a reflective surface. The cover is easy to install and comes with an elastic band to secure it to the hot tub. This cover is durable and highly functional as well. If you’re looking for a cover that will offer complete protection to your hot tub, get this one without any doubt in your mind.

9. Sundance Optima Replacement Spa Cover Lift and Hot Tub Cover – Charcoal

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This is large sized hot tub cover that is designed for additional security and ease of use. The tub comes with 1 pound foam density and also includes 2 keys for locking tie downs. The locks are really useful as these prevent kids from accidentally opening the pool cover and falling in. The skirt length is 5 inches that prevents heat loss and also prevents small insects from crawling into the water. The straps are used to cinch down the cover over the hot tub with ease. The hot tub cover is easy to install and use, but it is not compatible with cover lifts that install into the cover. Let’s take a quick look at the features and specifications of this hot tub cover.


  • The cover is made from durable commercial grade vinyl
  • The cover offers excellent insulation with the 1 pound foam inserts
  • The underside material is bromine and chlorine resistant
  • The cover is easy to move with provided straps on the sides
  • The locking system is totally childproof
  • The cover comes with 1 year warranty


  • The cover is not an original Sundance cover, but a replacement cover
  • The cover is lightweight
  • The cover seems flimsy

Editor’s Verdict

If you own a large hot tub and you need a quality cover for it, you can simply choose the Sundance Optima Replacement Spa Cover. This cover is made from highly durable material and it can be easily fit over any kind of tub. The charcoal color of this cover looks classy in all kinds of decor and the fit is perfect for hot tubs that meet the dimensions. Get this excellent cover today.

10. Budge English Garden Square Hot Tub Cover, Large (Tan Tweed)

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This square hot tub cover from Budge is the ideal cover for large sized hot tubs. The cover is made from highly durable materials that offer protection from UV rays while keeping the dust and debris out of the water of the tub. The hot tub cover is also waterproof as the seams of the cover are welded together ultrasonically for additional durability. Once you use this hot tub cover for your tub, you will realize the strength and durability of this unique product. Here’s a look at the specifications and features of this hot tub.


  • The hot tub cover offers a really good fit
  • Highly durable spun polyester construction
  • The cover provides all weather protection
  • The hot tub cover is easy to install and take off
  • The cover also comes with vents to prevent growth of mold under the cover
  • The cover looks stylish and unique for any modern decor


  • The cover is not entirely waterproof as some moisture gets inside the cover
  • The cover can get stuck to the hardcover placed over the tub
  • Elastic band is not enough to hold the cover in place during high winds

Editor’s Verdict

This is a stylish and durable hot tub cover that is made from high quality spun polyester. The cover is designed for large hot tubs and it has an elastic hem that can be used to keep the cover on the tub in any kind of weather conditions. The hot tub cover’s material is relatively waterproof and you can rest assured that the cover will prevent any dust or debris from getting into your pool. If you’re looking for a durable and reliable covering solution for your hot tub, pick this one today.


Customers often have questions regarding hot tub covers, whether it is a question regarding the features or the use of the hot tub covers, there is always an answer for these frequently asked questions. Some of the FAQs about hot tub covers are as following.

Q1): How does a hot tub cover help in keeping the water in my hot tub warm?

Hot tub cover acts as an insulating surface above the water and thus traps the heat to keep the water at an optimum temperature. It also helps to keep the cold air out and this way the water gets heated up quickly.

Q2): What use are the straps and buckles around the hot tub cover?

The straps and buckles are ideal for keeping the hot tub cover secure in case of high winds or storms. These prevent the tub from getting any wind beneath it and getting blown out of shape.

Q3): I have small kids in the house. I don’t want them entering the hot tub without supervision. Is there a hot tub cover I can use to prevent this?

Yes. You can buy a hot tub cover that comes with double lock and key so that you can secure the cover on the hot tub from all sides. This way kids would not be able to get into the hot tub without you opening the tub for them.

Q4): I got my tub made for specifications for my house. Now I can’t find the right sized cover for it. What should I do?

There are several custom cover solutions available in the market. The manufacturers can make you a cover that is built as per the dimensions of your hot tub. You can tell them the dimensions and other measurements over the phone or through email and you will get your custom made hot tub cover in a few days.

Q5): How should I maintain the hot tub cover in offseason?

When it’s time to store away your hot tub, do not ignore the hot tub cover. Simply take off the cover from the hot tub, let it dry out for a day or two and then wrap it properly to store it in a dark place away from moisture.

Q6): Can I mount a cover lifter with the hot tub covers?

You will need to check with the manufacturer to see if the cover is compatible with a hot tub cover lifter.


Buying a hot tub cover is a decision that should be taken with due research and consideration. Often, this is an expensive purchase and it makes no sense to buy a cover that doesn’t fit properly or starts showing signs of wear and tear with regular use. It is the best idea to choose a cover that suits the shape of your hot tub and is also close to the dimensions of the hot tub.

The various advantages of hot tub covers make them a must purchase for any hot tub owner. You will not only save your hot tub’s water from pollutants or contaminating agents, but you will also get better heating efficiency from your hot tub as the cover better retains the heat so that the water can get to the optimum temperature sooner.

You can also look at different types of hot tub covers available in the market to pick one that best suits your budget and requirements. In this article, we’ve discussed various hot tub covers, their properties, features, and much more. We hope this article has given you a detailed insight into hot tub covers and now you’re able to make your decision with confidence and an in-depth understanding.

For more information about hot tubs, accessories, and use cases, please browse through this website. You can also leave a comment below the article in case you have any queries and our team will answer your query at the earliest. Have fun shopping for hot tub covers!


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Jason - February 14, 2019

I believe this Blog is lying, because Having Beyond-nice Spa covers rated #1 as a spa cover company it completely nonsense. There’s tons of other spa cover company’s that have a better quality than beyond-nice. Beyond-nice give you mesh, Webbing handles and tie downs which is cheap material Breaks in months, and getS waterlogged quickly. I DO NOT RECOMMEND buy a cover from this people. I bough a cover from them 3 months ago and its completely waterlogged and ripped. I HAVE TO BUY A NEW ONE NOW 3 MONTH LATER. STAY AWAY AND DO NOT LISTING TO THIS BLOGGERS THE ARE LYING!!!!

    Richard - February 20, 2019

    We are not getting paid by any companies to list their product on our blog. We list products based on user reviews on different shopping sites.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your feedback.

Holly Werrell - March 14, 2019

I COMPLETELY agree with Jason above!! This and other “blogs” or lists that seem almost identical in layout MUST be completely based on paid placement!! You list “The Cover Guy” as one of the BEST cover companies out there and claim they custom make their awesome covers….that’s total BS…I bought a deluxe cover with EVERY upgrade possible and rec’d a sloppily stiched (loops and long strings even left in many areas) and obviously POORLY constructed cover that was not even as pictured- came with the same flimsy big black nylon handle and tie downs crookedly stitched right above the skirt that Jason mentioned above. Both have failed terribly and that was with me BABYING them knowing they would fail!! (The pics made it look like the OEM ones I’ve had that have sturdy tight handles made from same vinyl material as cover and tie downs the same and coming from underside of cover..which were still fully intact when the cover was finally replaced due to waterlogging but after 5-6 yrs or so…my Cover Guy Deluxe ($445) cover failed and was completely waterlogged- too heavy for me to lift alone even) within 3!! And their long wonderful “warranty”…look for DETAILS…yep- they dont’ exist!!! Neither does the warranty!! Seems IF you hear back from them, they’ll “offer” to “let” you BUY more the same for a “discount”!! ?It appears to be hit or miss and when they DO “honor” it, it’s prorated and I’ve seen where they only ‘offered’ half price to someone who’s cover was completley waterlooged etc. within a matter of a couple months!!! BUYER BEWARE!!! oh and the KICKER….My “Cover Guy” “custom” cover- MADE BY AND SHIPPED BY Presige Spa Covers in FL!!! That company also has TERRIBLE reviews. To claim this list is based on customer reviews is total BS as you can spend 2 minutes online and see that several of these companies have very low ratings and MANY complaints with the BBB, and other Consumer watchdog like websites! Check out Pissed MANY many customers at their wits end and VERY pissed giving the low down on MANY companies!!
I personally am not holding my breath for ANY even reasonable solution being offered to me, but I’m giving them ONE last chance to not ignore another request for a warranty claim. (First requested in June ’18 with many details but due to health and equipment issues didn’t follow up wtih the photos until Oct ’18- with more details and the only response was a very similar one line email like I got in June except it now asked me to provide what I’d JUST sent- only this time to a different email address!! ?? Nuts…)
btw- got my cover in March ’15 in the state described above- which I did make them aware of- and it became fully waterlogged by around Christmas of ’17. I have checked just recently fyi and the “upgraded double vapour barrier” has just disintegrated!! It’s like baked “Filo” dough in several places!! (flaking in pieces to the touch) AND we use a completely natural spa water system which is very gentle to not only my skin but also to the cover!! Can’t IMAGINE how quickly it would have failed if we used any of the “top 3″ systems- Chlorine, Bromine, or Biguinides!! We rarely shock with chlorine and only shock depending on usage with non-chlorine MPS to go with our natural spa (by clarity water in CA) treatment! We are on the hunt for a cover like our OEM ones in past that looked better AND performed better!! (the handle IS important with this cover lift system as you have to pull it forward to close after pushing back to open all the way and/or to get to filter for care. O/W I often used by only opening it halfway NOT pushed back so didn’t use handle at all- but you- well I- can’t grab such a thick cover (taper ends are 3”) without using any handles to pull back over the tub!! tried to use tie down the other day and instantly just broke free leaving the stitching completely open and unraveling unless I do something!! The “high grade marine vinyl” is disturbing as it’s just also cracking and disintegrating at any stress points like the hinge in center and even looks ‘loose’ when fully closed…it was also babied and kept as clean as anything outside in the weather can be, and was treated as recommended with that 303 spray protectant. ?! What else can we as consumers do???? Certainly NOT depend on sites like this unfortunately!! (Sorry Richard!!)


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