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A hot tub sanitizer is an essential component of your hot tub care routine. As the water in the hot tub remains there for long periods, it is essential to use sanitizers to keep the water clean. The sanitizers kill the bacteria and germs present in the water and also help to maintain the appropriate level of chemicals in the water.

There are different kinds of sanitizers available in the market, and you can choose one that meets your requirements. Make sure that you check the level of chemicals in the water of your hot tub before adding the sanitizer. You can follow the directions on the sanitizer container to know the amount of sanitizer that would be ideal per gallon of water.

As a hot tub user, you also need to understand that all sanitizers work differently, and you need to choose the right sanitizer to do the job. Finding the ideal sanitizer can be a difficult task, so we have selected the best hot tub sanitizers so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Comparison Chart for Best Hot Tub Sanitizer

Serial NoProduct NameManufacturerQuantityCleaning AgentEditor's RatingWhere to Buy?
12-Pack Oxy-Spa Non-chlorine Hot Tub & Pool MPS Oxidizing ShockSpa Depot3 lbsGranular Monopersulfate Oxidizing Shock4.2View on Amazon
2Rx Clear Stabilized Granular ChlorineRx Clear25 lbsStabilized Granular Chlorine4.5View on Amazon
3Spa Mineral Sanitizer Sticks for Hot TubsKOROWANASilver mineral element4.6View on Amazon
4Bromine Tablets for Hot TubsSpa Depot5 lbsBromine4.4View on Amazon

Need for a Hot Tub Sanitizer

If you are wondering whether you should use a hot tub sanitizer, here are some reasons that will help you to make your mind up about using a sanitizer.

  1. Keep the water Clean – Most of all, a good sanitizer keeps the water clean of germs and bacteria of all kinds. The bacteria tend to pollute the water that is not changed often. A sanitizer helps to neutralize the bacteria and germs so that they are not harmful.
  2. Maintain Chemical Balance – Maintaining a chemically balanced hot tub is essential for the health of people that use the hot tub. A recommended balance of chemicals also means the hot tub will have a reduced presence of bacteria and germs.
  3. Reduce Refilling of the Hot Tub – Using a sanitize regularly means you can use the water of the hot tub for a more extended period without refilling the hot tub. The sanitizer keeps the water clean and free from any impurities.
  4. Prevents Cloudy Water – With regular usage, the water of the hot tub can get cloudy with impurities. By using a good quality sanitizer, you can avoid the water from getting cloudy.

Reviews of Best Hot Tub Sanitizer

1) 2-Pack Oxy-Spa Non-chlorine Hot Tub & Pool MPS Oxidizing Shock

2-Pack Oxy-Spa Non-chlorine Hot Tub & Pool MPS Oxidizing Shock
View on Amazon

This hot tub cleaning agent is the perfect choice if you are looking for a shock that works instantly and keeps your pool water cleaner for a long time. The Oxy Spa is an oxidizing shock that removes residual soap, natural oils, and residue build-up in spa water. By eliminating and neutralizing the pollutants in the water, the Oxy Spa keeps the water clean and fresh. It also works great when the water in your spa has an odor, and you need to eliminate the odor quickly.

The best part of using this oxy spa is that you can start using the hot tub without waiting 24-48 hours as with other sanitizers. With the highest oxygen level, this product is highly effective at shocking the water to remove all polluting agents. Another highlight of this spa shock is that it does not contain chlorine. If you are allergic to chlorine or if you don’t like the smell of chlorine, this is the ideal spa shock for you.


  1. Quick to act
  2. The spa can be used immediately after sanitizing
  3. Removes odors and clears up cloudy water
  4. Ideal for people with skin allergies
  5. Does not dry out the skin


  1. The filter needs cleaning after use of Oxy Spa
  2. The bottles are only 3/4th full
  3. The spa shock creates a film on the water in some cases

2) Rx Clear Stabilized Granular Chlorine

Rx Clear Stabilized Granular Chlorine
View on Amazon

Chlorine is great for sanitizing a hot tub, and the Rx Clear Stabilized Granular Chlorine keeps the water fresh and clean. This chlorine formula is 99% sodium dichlor that removes impurities from the water of your hot tub. The advantage of using this sanitizer is that the formula resists UV light, and it can last longer in the water of the hot tub as compared to other sanitizers.

The dichlor is also pH neutral, so you don’t need to adjust the chemicals of the pool regularly. Along with removing impurities, the chlorinator also disinfects the pool water and kills algae in the pool. While chlorine tablets can damage the pool liner, the granular chlorine dissolves in the water quickly so that the pool liner remains unharmed. If you suffer from skin allergies and sensitivity to chemicals, this is the ideal hot tub sanitizer for you.


  1. Ideal for users with sensitive skin
  2. Lasts longer as it resists UV light
  3. Neutral pH prevents chemical imbalance
  4. Doesn’t harm the pool liner
  5. Does not smell of chlorine


  1. Does not dissolve quickly in the water
  2. Leaves residue at the bottom of the pool

3) Spa Mineral Sanitizer Sticks for Hot Tubs

Spa Mineral Sanitizer Sticks for Hot Tubs
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If you have an Ozonator installed in your hot tub, you can significantly improve the cleaning abilities of the device by using silver spa mineral sanitizer sticks. The sticks are ideal for cleaning up a hot tub when you want to reduce the usage of chlorine and bromine. For any hot tub to be clean, having a healthy pH level is essential. With the silver spa sanitizer sticks, you can achieve a healthy pH level as the sticks do not use any chemicals for cleaning the water of the hot tub.

Using this sanitizer is an effective way to kill off bacteria, germs, viruses, and more. The sanitizer sticks also get rid of algae and prevent the water from developing any foul odor. The sanitizer sticks are easy to install, insert them in the existing water filter. Using these sanitizer sticks is a simple and low maintenance way to reduce the chemicals in the hot tub and keep the water fresh and clean at the same time.


  1. The eco-friendly way to clean the water in the hot tub
  2. Keeps the spa odor free
  3. Reduces chlorine and bromine usage
  4. Ideal product if you have sensitive skin
  5. Easy to use, drop the stick in the filter


  1. The stick requires 7″ filter length and filter hole diameter 1-1/4

4) Bromine Tablets for Hot Tubs

Bromine Tablets for Hot Tubs
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Bromine is an excellent sanitizer for hot tubs if you do not like the smell of chlorine. This 5-pound bucket of bromine tablets comes with a child-resistant lid. The bromine tablets have 98% active ingredients, which means the product remains fresh for longer, and it works effectively for cleaning up the water in the hot tub.

These tablets dissolve slowly in warm waters, which adds to their potency and the duration for which they will work. The slow rate of dissolving means users have better control over the concentration of bromine in the water of the hot tub. Using these tablets is easy, and you can drop these in the water after checking the chemical concentration in the water.


  1. Does not create odor like chlorine
  2. Child-resistant bucket lid for added safety
  3. Tablets dissolve slowly in the water
  4. Large quantity bucket is ideal for a single season


  1. The bucket can be difficult to open
  2. The tablets can get stuck in certain dispensers


Using a high-quality hot tub sanitizer is a must if you want to enjoy relaxing in your hot tub. Keep in mind; you will need to monitor the quality of your hot tub’s water regularly and use a sanitizer as needed. By utilizing a sanitizer, you can ensure the water remains clean and free from any bacteria, germs, odors, or other pollutants. Regular use of sanitizer will allow you to use your hot tub for longer without changing the water.

We hope this article was useful in helping you make your mind up about the hot tub sanitizer that you want to buy. For any doubts or queries, please leave your thoughts in the comment section.


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