Best Plug and Play Hot Tub for Cold Climate

A plug and play hot tub in cold climate is even more fun when you are soaking in it. The cold weather outside and the warmth of the water makes the hot tub a wonderful place to spend time. With a plug and play hot tub, you can enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy in cold weather and also spend time with a special someone without worrying about the cold weather.

The best part about a plug and play hot tub is that you can plug it in regular household electric ports. There is no need to get a dedicated power supply for your hot tub. Fill it with water, plug it in, and you can enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy and hot water in just 24 hours.

There are several hot tubs available in the market that are perfect for cold weather. In this article, we are going to take a look at plug and play hot tubs for cold climate, their pros, cons and more.

Comparison Chart of Plug and Play Hot Tubs for Cold Climate

Serial NoProduct NameBrandNo. of PersonsJetsProduct SizeWater Capacity in gallonsVoltageWaterfall AvailableOzonatorLED LightsWarrantyEditor's RatingWhere to Buy?
1Essential Hot TubsEssential Hot Tubs3-41470.5 x 61 x 29.5 inches241110vYesYesYes1 year4.5Check on Amazon
2Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Plug and Play 4 Person Hot TubLifesmart41370 x 61 x 32 inches195110vYesYesYes1 year4.4Check on Amazon
3Essential Hot Tubs 30 Jets Adelaide Hot TubEssential Hot Tubs5-63074 x 74 x 34 inches250110vYesYesYes1 year4.1Check on Amazon
4Essential Hot Tubs 20 Jets Arbor Hot TubEssential Hot Tubs62080.5 x 81 x 34.5 inches241110vYesYesYes1 year4.6Check on Amazon
5LifeSmart 400DX 5-Person Rock Solid Plug and Play SpaLifesmart5-61975 x 75 x 34 inches205110vYesYesYes1 year3.8Check on Amazon

Reviews of Best Plug and Play Hot Tubs for Cold Climate

1) Essential Hot Tubs 14 Jets Newport Lounger – A Perfect Plug and Play Hot Tub for Cold Weather

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If you are looking for a hot tub that offers superior comfort and hot water, take a look at the Newport Lounger from Essential Hot Tubs. There are 14 stainless steel jets in this hot tub with comfortable seating for up to 4 people. The contour style seating is ideal for hydrotherapy or merely relaxing.

The design of the hot tub is perfect for a full body massage as the hot tub has jets in the most convenient locations for hydrotherapy. The hot tub’s operation is easy, as you can plug it in any standard outlet that offers 120V/15A power.

There is a GFCI cord included with the hot tub for ease of operation. The heavy-duty Balboa heater has stainless steel construction, and it is the ideal heater for cold climate. You also get an insulated cover with the hot tub that locks on to prevent heat loss.


  1. Rotomolded granite construction for added durability
  2. Fully insulated interior for heat retention
  3. High-speed hydrotherapy jets
  4. Balboa stainless steel heater for use in cold climates
  5. Two-speed pump for high energy efficiency


  1. The hot tub tends to lose heat slowly
  2. The hot tub tends to develop leaks
  3. The electrical fittings are not high quality

2) Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Plug and Play 4 Person Hot Tub – Perfect Hot Tub for Cold Weather Soaking Sessions

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The Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity hot tub comes with a range of features that make it perfect for cold weather. You can adjust the flow of water and air in this hot tub with the provided comfort dial.

The hot tub also comes with a digital topside thermostat so that you don’t need to get out of the hot tub to change the temperature. To create the perfect mood for an evening soak in hot water, you can change the mood lens caps in this hot tub. With a seating capacity of up to 4 people, this is the ideal hot tub for any hydrotherapy enthusiast.

There are 13 stainless steel jets on this hot tub that offer a fantastic massage experience. The shell of the hot tub keeps the heat in and prevent the water from losing heat. Just fill this hot tub with water, plug it in your standard 110v power outlet, and you are ready to enjoy a soak in hot water.


  1. Fully insulated for heat retention
  2. Balboa digital controls for ease of operation
  3. Eco-smart technology for efficient energy management
  4. Deep bucket seat for added comfort
  5. Top-side comfort valves for mixing air and water


  1. The seats of the hot tub are too low
  2. It is difficult to detect leaks in the hot tub
  3. The hot tub does not heat up to 104 degrees
  4. The jets are prone to failure after a few years of usage

3) Essential Hot Tubs 30 Jets Adelaide Hot Tub – Best Plug and Play Hot Tub for Hydrotherapy

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The Adelaide Hot Tub comes with 30 jets that offer the maximum hydrotherapy benefits. The hot tub is perfect for cold climate as it comes with an all-season stainless steel Balboa heater that offers 1kW of heating power.

The hot tub also has an insulated tapered cover so that there is minimal heat loss while the hot tub is not in use. The seating in the hot tub offers maximum comfort, and there is a lounger with two chairs with a total capacity of 5-6 people.

There is a GFCI cord included with the hot tub, and you can plug it in a standard 120V outlet to enjoy the benefits of hot water. The hot tub is easy to program, and you can adjust the flow and power of the jets to focus on the areas that need maximum attention. The powerful two-speed pump is perfect for those cold evenings when you want to relax in the bubbling water of your hot tub.


  1. The hot tub is great at maintaining the temperature
  2. The hot tub has powerful jets
  3. It’s easy to upgrade the hot tub to 220v
  4. The hot tub comes with a built-in cooler for drinks
  5. The water heats up in 24 hours


  1. It is difficult to drain the hot tub fully
  2. The lounge seat is on the shorter side
  3. The pump can be noisy
  4. The drain valve is hidden behind a side panel
  5. The GFCI club is not compatible with standard outlets

4) Essential Hot Tubs 20 Jets Arbor Hot Tub – Plug and Play Hot Tub with a Powerful Heater

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The Arbor Hot Tub from Essential comes with 20 jets and seating space for up to six people. The hot tub is easy to operate as you can switch from a relaxing massage to full-powered hydrotherapy benefits of the hot tub. You can program the 20 jets for relaxing or deep therapy massage as per your preference.

This is a plug and play model that is ideal for cold weather as the powerful stainless steel Balboa heater keeps the water warm for a long time. The hot tub can be plugged into any standard outlet, and you can start enjoying the hot water in just 24 hours. With 250 gallons of water capacity and a 1.4HP pump, you can rest assured this hot tub will give you immense benefits of hydrotherapy.


  1. Ample space for 5-6 people
  2. Comes with an insulated cover
  3. Rotationally molded high-quality granite resin construction
  4. Powerful pump and heater
  5. Fully insulated interiors


  1. The cover does not fit the hot tub properly
  2. The hot tub does not come with a filter
  3. The tub’s interiors have a rough finish
  4. The mounts for the hot tubs are not adequate

5) LifeSmart 400DX 5-Person Rock Solid Plug and Play Spa – Feature Packed Hot Tub for Cold Climate

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The 400DX Spa from Lifesmart has ten therapy jets as well as an adjustable waterfall jet. The plug and play function of this hot tub means you can use it with standard electricity outlets without the need for any additional wiring. With the capacity of 5-6 people, the hot tub is the perfect place to enjoy the cold weather in hot water with your friends and family. The tub also comes with a locking spa cover, which adds to the safety and also ensures the hot tub does not lose heat when it’s not in use.

Balboa topside controls allow you to change the settings such as water temperature and jet intensity without getting out of the hot tub. To keep the power costs low, this hot tub from Lifesmart uses Eco Smart technology and also meets the California Energy mandate for hot tubs. 


  1. Insulated construction for maximum heat retention
  2. Comes with rotating back jet and waterfall
  3. Includes air dial to add air to water
  4. Underwater lights add to the mood of soaking in hot water
  5. Stainless steel therapy jets are high quality


  1. It is difficult to locate any leaks in this hot tub
  2. The temperature tends to fluctuate by a few degrees
  3. The power cord of the hot tub is difficult to access under panels

FAQs about Best Plug and Play Hot Tubs for Cold Climate

Here are some of the frequently asked questions customers have about plug and play hot tubs.

Q1) Can I use an extension cord with my plug and play hot tub?

Ans. It is not advisable to use an extension cord as it can lead to short circuits and power failure. If your hot tub’s power lead is not long enough, it is best to consult a licensed electrician to set up a longer wire.

Q2) How can I make sure the water in the hot tub gets hot quickly?

Ans. Only run the heater when heating the water and keep the hot tub cover closed so that the heat doesn’t escape.

Q3) How can I make the best use of the hot tub in a cold climate?

Ans. Make sure you fill-up the hot tub with water because the weather gets too cold. When you are not using the hot tub, make sure the water level is above the jets. While the water is heating up, turn off the bubbles to quicken the heating rate of water.

Q4) When should I replace the filter of my hot tub?

Ans. You should replace the filter of the hot tub at least once a year. If you feel the hot tub is not performing to capacity or not cleaning the water properly, it might be time to change the filter sooner.

Q5) Do I need to put anything on the surface on which I put my hot tub?

Ans. If you are living in a cold region, it is a good idea to place drainage mats or a rubber mat under the hot tub to keep it from losing heat through the ground. Make sure the hot tub’s water level stays above the jets for optimum performance.


Using a plug and play hot tub in a cold climate is a wonderful experience. You can place the hot tub where you like and enjoy hot water in less than a day of heating. The hot tubs are heavily insulated to prevent heat loss through the walls of the hot tub. You can also cover up the hot tub to ensure the water heats up quickly.

With modern hydrotherapy jets and waterfall features, using a hot tub becomes even more of a joy. Whether you are looking for a hot tub for relaxation purposes or you want the benefits of hydrotherapy, it is one of the best investments you can make.

For any other questions or queries about hot tubs, please feel free to leave a comment under this article.


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