Best Plug and Play Hot Tub Reviews

Plug and Play Hot tubs are one of the easiest and effortless hot tubs you can have. The name itself indicates, they are plug and play hot tubs because they use the standard 110v/120v electrical outlet, so all we need to do is plug these plug-and-play hot tubs into your regular electrical outlet to start using it.

If you are thinking to buy a plug and play hot tub, then you are in the right place.

In this article, we are going to cover some of the best plug and play hot tubs that are currently available in the market.

Some users call these plug and play hot tubs has 120v hot tub or 110 volts hot tub. Don’t get confused, all these terms are referring to the same products.

We picked AquaRest Elite 600 6-Person 29-Jet Spa as one of the best plug-and-play hot tubs after doing thorough market research.

Comparison Chart of Best Plug and Play (110v/120v) Hot Tub

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Serial NoProduct NameBrandNo. of PersonsJetsWaterfall AvailableOzonatorLED LightsWater Capacity GallonsProduct Size
1The Elite 600 SpaAquarest629YesYesYes2402' 8'' H x 6' 7'' W x 6' 7'' L
2Cyanna Valley SpasCyanna Valley Spas621YesNoYes2702' 10'' H x 6' 7'' W x 6' 6'' L
3Rock Solid Simplicity 4-PersonLifesmart Spas413NoNoYes2052' 8'' H x 5' 1'' W x 5' 10'' L
4 The Retreat DLX 5-Person SpaLifesmart Spas528YesYesYes31572 in. x 81 in. x 34 in.

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What Is a Plug and Play Hot Tub?

These are also similar to other types of the hot tub, but in the plug and play hot tub you usually you don’t need any extra electrical setup required to start using these hot tub.

All you need is, any of your existing 110 volt or 120-volt power outlets to plug these plug and play hot tubs and you are ready to enjoy with these hot tubs. There isn’t much setup involved when it comes to plug-and-play hot tubs. That’s why the name, Plug and Play Hot Tubs.

Everyone has their own choice when it comes to picking hot tubs. Some users prefer to have inflatable hot tubs, and some user prefers to have plug and play hot tubs. Choices purely depend on personal preference and a lot of other factors.

Pros of Plug and Play Hot Tub

Here are the few pros of buying a plug and play hot tubs when we compared it to an inflatable or any other kinds of hot tubs.

  • Easy to Setup Unlike other hot tub types, you don’t need to struggle or spend time in setting up of hot tubs. These are the easiest way to set up hot tubs. You just need a standard 110v/120v outlet to start using plug and play hot tubs.
  • Don’t waste much time Plug and play hot tubs are almost ready to go solution. All you need to do is just plug and start enjoying your Hot tubs instead of wasting too much time on setup and configuring the hot tubs whenever you need to use them.
  • Sturdier in Nature All Plug and Play hot tubs are sturdier which is hard and more durable. You can safely assume they last longer than inflatable hot tubs.
  • Energy Efficient These are energy-efficient hot tubs. So you don’t need to bother about Big Power usage bills.
  • Lower Maintenance Most plug and play hot tubs are lower maintenance in nature compared to other types of hot tubs. You can safely spend time relaxing on hot tubs than worrying about the maintenance of these hot tubs.

Cons of Plug and Play Hot Tub:

  • Transportation You cannot easily carry these plug and play hot tubs unless you have a van or trailer to carry.
  • Cost Unlike other hot tubs like the inflatable hot tub, these are little costlier because of the nature of the product. These plug and play hot tub requires a minimum $1000+ budget to buy.

Things to Look for When Buying a Plug and Play Hot Tub

1) The size of the Hot Tub

Make sure you are buying the right size hot tub. You don’t need to buy a too small or too big plug and play hot tub. Make a note of how many users are going to use these plug and play hot tub at once and buy the right size. Because once you buy, you cannot be able to increase the size of the hot tubs.

2) Location of Hot Tub Placement

Location of hot tub placement also plays a very important thing you need to consider while buying a plug and play hot tub. Plug and play hot tubs come in various designs like Square, Triangle, circle, rectangle, and many other designs as well. These various design hot tub helps in placement of hot tubs even if you have a small area. For example, if you have some unused corner area then you can use a triangle-shaped 120v hot tub so that it saves space. Likewise, you can buy other designs based on where you are going to place these hot tubs.

3) Energy Efficiency

Hot tub uses electricity to heat up the water. Make sure you look good energy-efficient plug and play hot tubs while buying, so you don’t end up using high electricity usage bills.

4) Budget

Plug and Play hot tubs are not budget-friendly hot tubs. They are a little costlier compared to other types of hot tubs. So make sure you plan your budget to afford some good plug and play hot tub. Because not all Hot tubs are made up of good durable material.

5) Warranty and After Service

While buying make sure the manufacturer provides good after-sale service. Not all companies take care of customers once they sell the product. After-sale support is what one should strongly consider while buying the product. Because these products are not cheap products to ignore such things. Also, make sure the seller or manufacturer provides a good warranty to the product so that if something goes wrong, you can get it fixed without spending much.

6) Features

Plug and Play hot tubs are usually coming with a lot of features like speakers, LED lighting, Jets, etc., Make sure all such features are included in your hot tub.

How We Pick Best Plug and Play Hot Tub

1) User Rating and Reviews

We carefully analyzed most of the hot tub available in the market which is rated and reviewed by product buyers. We shortlist few well-rated products and consider the best among those after seeing product specification and a few other important attributes. We never consider fake reviews that are left by manufacturers or sellers. This kind of review we easily identify which are ignored by regular shoppers.

2) Features

Not all plug and play hot tubs comes with all the features. We picked plug and play hot tubs that are having modern and advanced features that are essential to your hot tub operation.

Best Plug and Play Hot Tub Reviews

Best Plug and Play Hot Tub

1) The Elite 600 Spa – Best All Rounder Plug and Play Hot Tub

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The Elite 600 is a six-person spa that comes with a range of modern features. The hot tub’s Easy Klean filtration system cleans the water quickly and efficiently. The hot tub also comes with an Ozonator that reduces the need to add chemicals to the sea. There is full foam insulation in the spa that keeps the water hot for a long time. As the water remains hot, there is less energy expenditure, and you can save on your energy bills as well.

Most of all, the hot tub has a plug and play operation, and you don’t need additional fittings to use this hot tub. It is easy to control the features of the hot tub with a built-in digital panel. Whether you want to change the lights or the water pressure from the jets, you can do it all without getting out of the hot tub. Create a unique and relaxing ambiance every time you soak in this hot tub.  


  1. Plug and play operation means the hot tub is simple to set up
  2. The jets have excellent pressure for hydrotherapy
  3. The lights look great when soaking at night
  4. The tub has deep and comfortable seats
  5. Ample space for six people


  1. The hot tub takes a lot of time to heat up
  2. The pump makes noise while working
  3. The hot tub pump is quick to develop faults
  4. The cover tends to warp and bend
  5. The water temperature in the tub drops quickly

2) 6-Person 21-Jet Plug and Play Spa – Editor’s Choice

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Comfort is the keyword when you choose this hot tub for relaxation and rejuvenation. The Cyanna Valley Spa is a six-person plug and play spa that requires no setup. Just plug in the hot tub, and you are ready to enjoy the warm embrace of the hot water.

The hot tub has all the modern amenities, such as two captain chairs, barrier-free seating, and a comfortable lounger. You can relax while listening to the calming sound of the cascading waterfall. Whether you want to enjoy the soothing hot water with your friends or a special someone, this hot tub has ample space for everyone.

The hot tub also adds to the safety quotient as it has a slip-resistant shell that comes with a lifetime warranty.


  1. Easy plug and play function
  2. Slip-resistant shell
  3. LED lights for creating ambiance
  4. Lifetime warranty for shell
  5. Includes free spa steps


  1. The display is quick to develop faults
  2. The tub underperforms when jets are on

3) Rock Solid Simplicity 4-Person 13-Jet Plug and Play Hot Tub – Best Cheap Plug and Play Hot Tub

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This plug and play hot tub is a simple unit that comes with basic features of LED lights and full foam insulation that conserves heat. There are 13 jets in this hot tub that are placed at ideal points for full hydrotherapy benefits. The hot tub offers ample seating space for four people.

The LED lights set up the mood when you want to enjoy an evening with your friends and loved ones. There is no additional setup needed for this hot tub, just fill it with water and plug in and you are ready to enjoy the benefits of hot water. You can control all the functions of the hot tub with an included digital control panel. Whether you want to change the flow of jets, the color of lights, or the temperature, you can do it all without getting out of the hot tub. If you are looking for a basic hot tub with simple features, this is the hot tub you can choose.


  1. Easy to use digital control panel
  2. Insulation adds to the energy efficiency
  3. Comfortably seats up to four people
  4. Color changing lights add to the ambiance
  5. The smaller heater is ideal for 110v outlet


  1. The seats are at the bottom of the hot tub
  2. This pump of the hot tub tends to develop leaks

4) The Retreat DLX 5-Person 28-Jet Plug and Play Spa – Best Bang for the Buck Plug and Play Hot tub

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This hot tub from Lifesmart Spas is a stylish hot tub with modern features. The hot tub has an Ozonator that cleans the water and removes the need for additional chemicals. You don’t need to get extra fittings for this hot tub as the plug and play feature allows you to use this hot tub with your existing wiring system.

Fill up the hot tub, plug it in, and you are ready to enjoy the relaxing warm water. The hot tub has in-built seats that are incredibly comfortable. You can also switch on the lights in the hot tub to create a soothing ambiance for relaxing with your friends and loved ones. This spa comes with a 5-year warranty on the shell and a one year warranty on parts.


  1. Includes Ozonator for cleaning the water
  2. Requires fewer chemicals to keep the water clean
  3. Each blower has a separate control option
  4. Ample space in the hot tub for lounging
  5. Heats up quickly in 24 hours


  1. The tub tends to leak after continued usage
  2. The cover is not included with the hot tub
  3. The tub is difficult to clean as the water stays on the floor
  4. The hot tub does not retain heat
  5. The seats are not comfortable

5) The Select 400 Spa

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The Select 400 Spa is an excellent hot tub that offers value for money with a combination of features and comfort. This spa is highly efficient as it comes with full-foam insulation as well as ASTM certified locking safety cover that keeps the heat inside the hot tub. You can save on your energy bills and also enjoy hot water for a long time when you choose this hot tub.

The hydrotherapy benefits of this hot tub are fantastic as you can easily control the 20 stainless steel jets built around the body of this hot tub. The jet placement is also at essential points so that you can get the full benefit of hydrotherapy.

The colorful lights and cascading waterfall in this hot tub creates a beautiful ambiance to enjoy soaking in hot water. This plug and play spa is an affordable and comfortable way to enjoy hot water therapy.


  1. The hot tub is lightweight and durable
  2. The hot tub heats up quickly in about 12 hours
  3. The construction of the hot tub is sturdy and durable
  4. The stainless steel jets offer wonderful hydrotherapy benefits
  5. The hot tub is energy efficient


  1. Space is comfortable only for two people
  2. The pump must be on to heat the water
  3. The setup instructions are not easy to understand
  4. The tub loses temperature quickly
  5. The inside seats are not comfortable for sitting

FAQ’s on Plug and Play Hot Tub:

We are confident you have got many queries after reading this article. These are a couple of usually asked questions about the plug and play hot tub. The queries are as follows

How do you switch on the LED lighting?

You do not have to plug in the lights. Most of the above spas have a controller to turn on the LED lights.

Should the spa be plugged in all the time?

No, it doesn’t have to be plugged in until there is a need for it.

Can the spa be used at any temperature?

Yes, it can be used at any temperature to be cold or hot.

What is an Ozonator?

The Ozonator is a tool with an aerator on the end of its hose, that is inserted in the water that permits the use of much fewer chemicals and feature cleaner water with minimum or no chemical smells.

Is the spa compatible with an Ozonator?

Most of the spas are well suited to an Ozonator.

Can the spa be positioned anywhere?

Yes, the spa may be located everywhere.

Does it come with a cover?

Most of the spa’s include a cover. If it is not included in the package, we recommend buying one.

How to care for your spa?

Check if the water has the right chemical balance with your test strips and clean the shell and filters once in a while.


We wish you’ve listed down the hot tub you need to shop for after reading this text along with your budget and requirements. However, remember all of them have their advantages, but one or two downfalls.

When you have ordered your plug and play hot tub and are enjoying it, please don’t forget to leave us a review which would additionally help others to make such an inviting purchase.  

You can also comment if you have any questions and we will answer in the most efficient and earliest manner.


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