How to Measure Hot Tub Cover

Hot tub covers are a great way to keep the hot tubs safe from any kind of external contamination such as dirt, dust, debris, small insects and more. These covers also add to the security of the tub as there are many covers that can be locked down. While choosing new or replacement hot tub covers, it is important to measure them properly so that they fit the tub and they don’t leave any space for anything to get inside the hot tub. There are various types of hot tubs available in the market and no two tubs are alike.

Often, you might have to bust out the measuring tape and take the measurements of your hot tub yourself so that you can order a hot tub cover that exactly suits your hot tub. You have to know where to measure from, what factors to take in account and how to get the best measurements possible so that you can order the right size of hot tub cover.

Remember, even if your hot tub manufacturer has offered a spa cover and you want to buy a new one or a replacement, it’s best to measure by your own hand instead of relying on the measurements provided by the manufacturer. This way you can factor in and adjust for any amount of error in the measurements of the original hot tub cover.

For custom hot tubs, it becomes even more important to measure the size of the hot tub properly, and then take into account other factors that can influence the size and shape of the hot tub cover. Choosing the right hot tub cover is also important because once you buy a cover, you might not want to buy another for a considerably long time. That is why you must be absolutely sure that you’re choosing the right hot tub cover.

In this article, we are going to take a look how to measure hot tub covers, common mistakes people make while measuring hot tub covers, and how you can get measure the hot tub cover that best fits your hot tub.

How to Measure Hot Tub Covers

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Measuring a hot tub cover takes attention to detail and the foresight to understand how the hot tub cover will react when it comes in contact with the heat and the elements. Here are some pointers you can follow when it comes to measuring hot tub covers.

1) Choose the right tools for the job. Get a tape measure, a ruler or a carpenter’s square to get the best measurements possible. Use a pen or pencil to mark the measurements as you measure.

2) You can also print out a diagram of your hot tub’s shape from the manufacturer’s website. This will help you in noting down the measurements on the corresponding sides.

3) Note down each measurement on paper so that you do not forget any measurement value while you’re measuring other areas of the hot tub.

4) For measuring the skirt area of your hot tub, measure from the lip of the hot tub to your desired length. A skirt prevents insects from getting into the hot tub and it also adds to the look of your hot tub. (1)

5) Once you’ve measured all the sides of the hot tub and noted these down, do a second run on the measurements so that you can rule out any instances of errors.

Measuring Hot Tub Covers For Different Types of Hot Tubs

Hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes. While ordering a new hot tub cover, you need to provide the exact dimensions so that the manufacturer of the hot tub can send you the right cover for your tub. Here are some ways in which you can measure the hot tubs of different shapes.

  1. Square Hot Tubs – Measuring a square hot tub is the easiest thing to do as you just have to take the measurements from lip to lip. Once you’ve taken the measurements, you can add .5 inches to the final measurements just to be on the safe side.
  2. Square/Rectangular Tubs with Round Corners – Measuring the radius can be a bit complicated but once you know how to do it, it’s as easy as taking any other measurement. Use a carpenter’s square to measure the radius. Simply imagine the corner was a square, so you will need the measurement from start of the bend to the edge of the imaginary square. With a carpenter’s square, such measurements will be easy to take.(3)
  3. Round Hot Tubs – Measuring a round hot tub is easy. All you need to do is measure across the seam and then add .5 inches. You can also measure the skirt length from the lip of the tub.
  4. Octagonal Tub – For an octagonal hot tub, measure the dimensions from lip to lip and then measure the length of each side. This will give you a fair idea of what size of hot tub cover to order.
  5. Unique Shaped Tubs – Often you might have a tub that has a unique shape such as an ellipse or an oblong, in order to measure a hot tub cover for such a tub, you will need the tub’s design diagram from the manufacturer and then you can try measuring all the sides you can for the best fit of hot tub cover.

Things to Take Care of While Measuring Hot Tub Covers

Here are some things you should take care of while measuring for hot tub covers.

  1. If your hot tub has additional accessories such as Bluetooth speakers, drinks trays, or touch panels, make sure you leave space for them in your hot tub cover.
  2. Mark every measurement on paper as you take it. It’s easy to get confused if you think about remembering measurements and noting them down later.
  3. Get help from a friend who can help you to properly measure the sides of the hot tub and note down the different dimensions.
  4. The cover material is also important when you’re looking for a hot tub cover. Some materials get affected by the heat and behave differently by shrinking or stretching. While measuring your hot tub, keep in mind the kind of material you want for your hot tub and make adjustments accordingly.
  5. Measure the hot tub from outside edge to outside edge as that’s where the cover would actually fit. The inside measurements of your hot tub are not needed.
  6. Often, people use measurements from the manufacturer of the hot tub, but hot tubs are often changed minutely in shape with use. It is best idea to measure the actual shape of your hot tub instead.

Common Mistakes People Make While Measuring Hot Tub Covers

While measuring a hot tub cover seems like a simple task, often people make mistakes while measuring these covers. Here are some of the common mistakes you should avoid while measuring hot tub covers.

  1. Often, users measure the tub from inside edge to outside edge or inside to inside edge. This can lead to a discrepancy in the overall measurements. Remember, hot tubs should be measured from outside edge to outside edge. (4)
  2. At times, users measure their old hot tub cover to get measurements for the new cover they want. This again is not right as the old hot tub cover might have stretched or shrunk depending on the usage. Measuring the tub is the best idea in any situation to avoid any chance of confusion in the final measurements.
  3. Another common mistake is not measuring the space for skirt and straps. These are important parts of the hot tub and need to be measured as well. Luckily, you can take measurement guidelines from your old hot tub cover for measuring the straps and skirts.
  4. Users fail to measure for the flair up or the outer edge of the hot tub and this can lead to a difference in measurements.

Videos about Measuring Hot Tub Covers

Here are some videos that can give you a better understanding of how to measure for a hot tub cover.

Measuring an Oversized Hot Tub Cover

How to Measure Radius Corner for a Hot Tub Cover

How to Measuring for a Hot Tub Cover

FAQs about Measuring Hot Tub Covers

Buyers often have questions regarding measurements of the hot tub covers they want to buy. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about hot tub covers.

Q1) Can I use the measurements of my old hot tub cover while ordering a new one?

Ans. It is not advisable to use the measurements of the old hot tub cover as that cover might have shrunk or expanded in size depending on the usage. If you’re buying a replacement cover, it is best to use the measurements of the hot tub. It might take you a little more time, but you will be able to get a hot tub cover that exactly fits your hot tub.

Q2) How do I know if it is time to replace my hot tub cover and order a new one?

Ans. You can find this out by simply holding your hot tub cover. If it feels heavier than before it means there is moisture trapped inside the cover and it’s not doing the job of insulation too well. As it becomes more and more difficult to hold and remove the hot tub cover, you should start with measuring your hot tub ordering a new replacement cover.

Q3) Can I use the measurements from the website of my hot tub’s manufacturer?

Ans. Hot tub manufacturers often change hot tub models with a slight difference in the measurements. This can lead to problems when you order a hot tub cover as the tub also goes through slight changes in dimensions as it is used. Heat, weather, and external elements put stress on the design of the tub which is why taking measurements from the manufacturer’s website is not a good idea. You should always measure the hot tub to get the exact measurements.

Q4) I have a custom hot tub and there are certain sections that are raised on the hot tub. How can I take the measurements of these? (

Ans. If you have a custom hot tub you need to provide as much detail as you can to the hot tub cover’s manufacturer who will take in account these factors and design a hot tub cover accordingly.

Q5) I’ve measured the corner radius of my hot tub. Is there anything else I need to keep in mind while measuring it?

Ans. When it comes to corner radius, it is always better to measure a little shorter than the actual point so that the cover offers a perfect fit when you place it on the hot tub. A shorter cover will offer a better fit than a cover that’s longer around the corners.

Q6) Does the material of the hot tub matter when it comes to measuring hot tub covers?

Ans. Yes, you can choose from various kind of material choices available to you. There are vinyl hot tub covers, tri-tech hot tub covers, fiber-tech hot tub covers and many more. All these offer varying levels of durability and price, and you can buy these based on your budget and requirements.


Measuring a hot tub cover should not be difficult, but it is not something you should take lightly either. By measuring the hot tub cover properly, you will be able to order a cover that will perfectly fit your hot tub without any unwanted gaps or spaces.

A tight fitting hot tub cover is essential because it can help you to make better use of your hot tub. The cover will keep the heat and moisture inside the tub and help the water to get hot quickly. Covers are also essential in keeping the water hot once the heater has been switched off. You can also order covers with straps and locks to ensure no one gets in your hot tub without your permission or without supervision.

When you measure the hot tub cover, make sure you have the tools needed for the measurements. Depending on the shape of your hot tub, you can take all the measurements easily with some basic tools like carpenter’s square, a straight edge ruler, and a pencil. Remember, always double check the measurements, because if you order a hot tub cover that’s not measured properly, you will have to either get it altered or return it. All this hassle can be easily prevented by ensuring your measurements are correct. You can also take help from a friend to make sure you are measuring everything correctly.

We hope that this article has helped you in better understanding how to measure hot tub covers. For more information about hot tubs, hot tub accessories, hot tub care and maintenance and more, please browse through this website. You can also leave a comment or a query in the comment section and our team will get back to you at the earliest.


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