Jacuzzi VS Hot Tub – What’s the Difference?

Hot tubs and Jacuzzis have been used as ways to relax for a long time and people often use both terms interchangeably, but there are quite a few differences between both even if they have a common purpose of heating up water. Soaking in the hot water of a Jacuzzi or a hot tub can have a wide range of health benefits. A one or two hour soak can also make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Traditionally, hot tubs have been simpler as compared to Jacuzzi, which is an American firm with Italian origins, that manufactures high end hot tubs and related equipment. Earlier, hot tubs were simple wooden tubs kept together with steel bands to prevent water from leaking out. In modern times, improved hot tubs with bubble jets, variable temperature, and other features were made by companies like Jacuzzi and sold under the brand name.

With time, the Jacuzzi brand name became so popular that people started mentioning simple hot tubs as Jacuzzis as well. In reality, there are several differences between a Jacuzzi and a hot tub and in this write-up, we are going to take a look at the features, advantages, disadvantages and more about both hot tubs and Jacuzzis.


Explanation of the Brand Name

The company Jacuzzi Brands Corps. started with manufacturing aircraft parts, but today it manufactures hot tubs, spas and bubble baths among other bathing products. These top of the line tubs used the modern techniques and features that made them a bestseller in the market. Even though today there are many companies manufacturing hot tubs and spas, Jacuzzi was one of the most popular bathtub manufacturers of its time that introduced innovative features like bubble jets, modern plumbing, hydromassage pumps, and more.

In all, the name Jacuzzi refers to a particular brand of hot tub that comes equipped with a complete range of modern and innovative features. Let’s have a look at some of the features of Jacuzzi.

Features of Jacuzzi

1) Modern Design – The Jacuzzi hot tubs are designed to complement any kind of decor in a home. Whether you have a modern design in your home or you are following a minimalistic design theme, you can find the Jacuzzi that will add to the looks of your property. One of the biggest advantages of getting a Jacuzzi installed in your house is that it will add to the selling value of the property as well.

2) Advanced Controls – Jacuzzi was one of the first hot tub brands to introduce whirlpool effect in its hot tubs. These tubs offer advanced controls to modify the flow of water, the temperature of water, and the type of massaging effect you require from the water. This adds to the usability and features of these hot tubs.

3) Ample Room – A Jacuzzi offers ample room for up to six people to sit comfortably and enjoy the gentle massage from the hot water. If you’re having a party with friends or family members, a jacuzzi can add a really relaxed vibe to the whole event.

4) Durable Construction – Modern Jacuzzis are made from the most durable materials available in the market. From acrylic to metal, these Jacuzzis offer the ultimate in durability. With proper care and maintenance, you can use a Jacuzzi for years without any loss in performance. 

5) Easy to Use – A Jacuzzi is really easy to use. There are no complicated controls and once you fill it with water, it keeps the water at an optimum temperature as desired. Bubble controls, LED lights, music controls, and water’s flow are other features that are available at the touch of a button.

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Advantages of Jacuzzi

1) Warms Water Quickly – As a Jacuzzi warms water to a certain temperature, it does so quickly and efficiently. The water stays warm as the construction of the Jacuzzi ensures there is no heat loss through the sides of the Jacuzzi.

2) Offers a Relaxing Experience – Sitting in the hot water of a Jacuzzi is a relaxing experience in itself. It eases away all the tensions and stress of a hard day’s work and helps you to gather your thoughts and relax.

3) Ideal for Seniors – Seniors often have one or the other kind of health problems such as pain in joints or inflamed tendons. Hot water treatment can help with these problems as hot water relaxes the muscles and helps loosen up the tissues. The effects of hot water treatment can be felt for hours after getting out of the Jacuzzi. 

4) Aids in Healing after Injuries – Athletes who’ve been through injuries while playing or practicing can benefit from a soak in the Jacuzzi. The hot water promotes blood flow around the injured area and that can help to heal quickly and in a better manner.

5) Promotes Better Sleep – A soak in a Jacuzzi helps one relax and as the body temperature rises while in the Jacuzzi and falls once you’re out of it, it induces a state of sleepiness. People often sleep better once they’ve soaked in a Jacuzzi for a while.

Disadvantages of Jacuzzi

1) Expensive – A Jacuzzi comes with a lot of features and including all these features in a premium package can raise the price of the whole appliance. Add to that fitting the Jacuzzi inside or outside the house can also cost a lot as you will need to get help from a certified electrician for proper installation.

2) Requires Proper Electric Fittings – Unlike some hot tubs, a Jacuzzi needs proper installation and there is no simply plug and play option for this device. You will need to connect the Jacuzzi to proper electrical fitting and depending on your location and the voltage you choose, you might need to get approval from your local administration as well.

3) Not Portable – A Jacuzzi isn’t as portable as an inflatable bath tub, because it is installed at ground level for better insulation of water and to prevent heat loss. The Jacuzzi is also very large in size for 4-6 person capacity models. In case you decide to sell your property and move houses, it won’t be easy to take your Jacuzzi with you.

4) Requires Ventilation – If you’ve installed the Jacuzzi in your bathroom or any other covered area, you will need to make sure the area is properly ventilated. The lack of ventilation can lead to buildup or mold or spores in the Jacuzzi’s piping and that can contaminate the water.

5) Requires Maintenance – Simply installing a Jacuzzi is not enough. If you want to get optimum usage from the device, you will need to maintain it properly as well. The Jacuzzi needs regular cleaning and you will also need to make sure that the chemical balance in the Jacuzzi is safe for use.

FAQs about Jacuzzi

Even after customers have bought a Jacuzzi, they have questions or concerns regarding these appliances. Here are some of the frequently asked questions people have about Jacuzzis.

Q1) Does operating a Jacuzzi use a lot of electricity? How much increase can I expect in my power bill?

Ans. The power consumed by a Jacuzzi depends on several factors such as weather, size of the Jacuzzi, the number of times you use the Jacuzzi every month. But overall, with moderate use, you will not see extensive increase in your power bill. Modern Jacuzzis are created to be power efficient and maintain the heat of the water even after the water’s has stopped heating.

Q2) How difficult is it to clean a Jacuzzi? Do I need to hire an expert to do it for me?

Ans. Cleaning a Jacuzzi is not every difficult, but you should make sure that you do it on a regular basis. The filters and pipes of the Jacuzzi can often collect foreign elements that can contaminate the water if not cleaned up properly. You should read up on the manual or contact the manufacturer for to-the-point instructions on how to clean your particular model of Jacuzzi.

Q3) Can I install a Jacuzzi by myself? What are some things I should take care of?

Ans. If you’ve experience in working with electrical items and you’ve installed Jacuzzis before too, then there is no doubt you can install your own Jacuzzi. But, it is always better to call an installation expert to do it for you. You will need to check with your Home Owner’s Association and State Administration to get any needed permits for installing the Jacuzzi. Make sure you leave enough space around the Jacuzzi for entertaining guests and family members.

Q4. If I am moving homes, can I take the Jacuzzi with me?

Ans. It totally depends on the model of Jacuzzi that you’re using. Jacuzzi models that are large in size for 4-6 people might be difficult to move without proper tools and expert assistance. There are some models that are above the floor that are relatively easy to move, while others that are on floor level might be difficult to move without doing major reconstruction. At times, the hassle of removing and re-installing a Jacuzzi is not worth it as it will cost you time, money, and lot of effort. You’d be better off buying a new Jacuzzi in your new house. Also, if you’re selling off your present accommodation, it’s best to let the Jacuzzi remain as it might add to the overall value of your property.

Hot Tub

What is a Hot Tub?

A hot tub is an enclosure that is used for heating up water and sitting in it for period of time. Hot tubs have been in use since ancient times when these were just barrels of wood stripes kept together by metal bands to stop water from leaking out. These days, there are advanced hot tubs that come equipped with a wide range of features such as touch panels, bubble jets, controllable temperature, cleaning supplies, surge protection, and much more.

There are also portable hot tubs and fixed hot tubs that can be installed as per user’s needs and requirements. Hot tubs can accommodate from 2-6 people and these are made from durable materials as well. Let’s take a quick look at the features and specifications of hot tubs.

Features of Hot Tubs

  1. Temperature Control – Hot tubs offer an easy way to control the temperature with the included touch panels. You can also set a timer for the hot tub to switch on or off after a particular period of time.
  2. Portable – Inflatable hot tubs offer a great degree of portability as it is very easy to deflate them, pack them up, and take them to a new place. You can also drain the water from a hot tub to place it wherever you want in your house.
  3. Easy to Use – Hot tubs don’t require any special fittings as these have a simple plug-n-play operation. You can get your hot tub, inflate it with a pool pump, fill it up with water and plug it in an electrical socket. That’s all you have to do to get hot water that will offer hour of fun for the whole family.
  4. Easy to Maintain – Modern hot tubs are easy to maintain as they come with a range of features and accessories that make cleaning these tubs an easy job. The filters and pool cleaners can take the difficulty out of cleaning the tub.
  5. Durability – Inflatable hot tubs are made from high quality military grade vinyl or other materials that offer equal degree of strength. If taken care of properly, these hot tubs can give you use for years to come.
  6. High Degree of Insulation – As hot tubs are used to heat up water, these also need to keep water hot for some duration of time once the heater is off. That’s why these tubs offer high degree of insulation to keep the water hot.

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Advantages of Hot Tubs

  1. Perfect for Small Families – If you’re looking for a simple way for the whole family to enjoy and relax, hot tubs are a great option. These tubs are ideal for 4-6 people and these can be placed anywhere in the house.
  2. Health Benefits – Hot tubs offer a range of health benefits such as better sleep, better blood circulation, clearer skin and much more. Soaking in a hot tub for 1-2 hours once or twice a week can have immense impact on your overall health.
  3. Affordable – Inflatable hot tubs are not as expensive as a Jacuzzi and these offer an almost similar set of features such as bubble baths, inbuilt seats, and controllable temperature.
  4. Ideal for Elders – Senior citizens offer face health problems such as pain in joints. Sitting in a hot tub for a few hours can help to reduce the inflammation in the joints and reduce the pain.
  5. Lowers Blood Sugar – Research has shown that just soaking in a hot tub for 30 minutes a day can help to lower the blood sugar levels of people with type 2 diabetes. That said, one must talk to one’s physician before using a hot tub for any kind of health benefits.

Disadvantages of Hot Tubs

  1. Take a Long Time to Heat Up – Hot tubs take a long time to heat up as the water kept in the tub gets heated slowly. These tubs often need to be covered by insulating covers to speed up heating. But once the tub is in use, the heat loss is also rapid.
  2. Improper Cleaning Can Be Harmful – Hot tubs need to be cleaned thorough and properly. If these are not cleaned properly, the chemical balance in the water of these hots tubs can get disturbed making them unsuitable for use. A tub that is not cleaned properly can lead to infection in users who sit in the contaminated water for a long period.
  3. Not Ideal for People with Health Issues – People with heart problems or those who face problems due to quick circulation of blood, should consult their physician before using a hot tub. High temperature can speed up the blood flow which can be a problem with people with certain type of health disorders.
  4. No Water Jets – Most inflatable hot tubs don’t come with water jets, instead these blow air through the water to give a bubbling effect. This can be problematic as the air can lead to lowering the temperature of the water very quickly.
  5. Regular Use Can Reduce Life of Hot Tubs – Regularly inflating and deflating the hot tubs can reduce the life of the material of the hot tub. Also, if these are not stored away properly in a dark place with no moisture, it can lead to mold or fungus in the hot tub.

FAQs about Hot Tubs

People who are looking to buy hot tubs or who’ve already bought hot tubs often have questions regarding their features and uses. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about hot tubs.

Q1) I just bought a hot tub a few months ago and now the control panel shows an error and the tub refuses to heat up. What could be the reason behind this?

Ans. The errors can be for a number of reasons, but mostly it’s because of a dirty water filter. You need to check the location of filter in your hot tub, take it out and clean it properly and reinstall it. Then try switching on your hot tub. If the error still persists, it’d be better if you called the customer service of your hot tub manufacturer.

Q2) What tools or equipment do I need to install an inflatable hot tub?

Ans. You just need a pool pump that you might already have to inflate the hot tub. Other than that, it’s a simple operation to fill it up with water and plug it into a power supply. That’s all!

Q3) My hot tub is placed in the garden and I don’t want small animals, insects or leaves falling in the hot tub and contaminating the water. What is the best solution to avoid this?

Ans. You can get a hot tub cover that will cover the surface of the hot tub and also fall over the sides to prevent any critters from crawling in the hot tub. These covers also come with locks so that you can lock the hot tub to prevent kids from using it without adult supervision.

Q4) I keep seeing small black particles in the water of the hot tub. Where are these particles coming from? How can I stop this?

Ans. If you’re seeing small black particles, this is probably because of fungus or mold in the pipes of your hot tub. You need to do a thorough cleaning of the hot tub by following the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your hot tub. Once you’ve cleaned it properly, refill it with water and check if the chemical composition of the water is suitable for use.

Q5) Are there any additional accessories that I can use with the hot tub?

Ans. There is a wide range of accessories that you can use with the hot tub. There are tub covers for maintaining the purity of water in the tub. Automatic tub cleaners can spin in the water and keep it clean of any germs. You can also get ozone injector that adds ozone to the water and keeps it clean. LED lights are yet another accessory that can add to the experience of using a hot tub.


Buying a Jacuzzi or an inflatable hot tub depends on your budget as well as your preferences. But if you’re looking for a high-end experience with advanced features and a long term use, it’s best that you choose a Jacuzzi hot tub. But if you move a lot or if you’re living in a rented accommodation where installing a Jacuzzi is not possible, an inflatable hot tub is your best choice.

If you are a property owner and you want to add to the value of the property, installing a Jacuzzi can do just that. A Jacuzzi can also add to the decor and complement the house with a touch of luxury and comfort. There are several different types of Jacuzzi models available in the market and you can talk to an installation expert who can guide you in the right direction about the Jacuzzi that will be the best for your property.

We hope this write-up has been illuminating enough to help you understand the differences between Jacuzzi and hot tubs. For more information on hot tubs and related accessories, please browse through this blog. You can also leave a comment if you have a question or a query and our representative will get back to you at the earliest.







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