What Causes Foaming in a Hot Tub?

We would have always dreamt of having our own private jet, a private bungalow, a private movie theater, a private pool and many other such things. Well, all may not fulfill their dreams, but few definitely can. For those who cannot afford them there are alternatives which might not feel like them exactly, however, will give you the exact joy of having them. The Hot tub is one such thing. Easily affordable and less on maintenance.

Often there is an excitement while purchasing any new thing. But that excitement is lost during its lifetime because of many reasons. One such reason for a Hot tub is because of foams that occur in it. Now, this might be a serious problem for some but believe us this is not, and can be resolved quickly. Before concluding with a solution, it is quite important to understand the problem first. So let’s have a look why this problem even occurs.

Basic reasons for Foaming to happen in Hot Hub:

what causes foaming in a hot tub

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There could be multiple reasons for foaming to occur in a Hot tub. The cause could be simple and remedy for them is also that simple. Following are possible reasons for having foam in a Hot tub.

1. Beauty products, detergents or drinks:

Yes, the beauty products which we use on our body when gets dissolved with water may lead to forming foams in the Hot tub. Basically, there should not be any other thing going into the Hot tub except humans. However, that will never happen as we would like to have fun in the same Hot tubs with our children or our closed ones. So when these chemicals from those products combine with water, they eventually form foams in the Hot tubs.

foaming in a hot tub due to drinks

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2. Chemicals:

Cheap chemicals which are used to clean the water or tub surface may also lead to form foams in the Hot tub. Not necessarily cheap chemicals, but even chemicals that are used in excess might lead to foams. These chemicals or the total dissolved solvents (TDS), when formed in the water, can lead to foams.

Even the stuff that comes off from our body when we suddenly drop down into Hot tub coming from some holiday or a play can lead to form foams. There might be many micro level organisms or such stuff which can mix up with water, forming TDS and often leading to form foams.

3. Hot tub Water:

Last but might be the complicated reasons to determine, is the water itself. We all know that water we use for bathing has some alkaline level. When the alkalinity of water rises or falls the optimum pH level, then it can cause some issues.

Even when the calcium level of water present in Hot tub goes down, it might damage the equipment itself and can decrease surface tension in the water leading to from TDS which consequently form foams.

All these are not severe issues and can be easily taken care. However, as they say, prevention is better than cure. Below are some of the precautions that have to be taken to prevent foaming.

Care to be taken to Prevent Foaming:

Below are some simple steps that can be followed to prevent foaming in your Hot tubs.​

  • If you are a person, who often go to Hot tub after just getting off from work then make sure that you take a shower before getting down in the Hot tub.
  • Also, make sure the minimal clothes that you wear before getting into Hot tub like swim suit are cleaned with fresh water.
  • Use good quality chemicals in optimum quantity to clean the surfaces of the Hot tub.
  • If you often use chemicals to clean the Hot tub water, then don’t compromise for poor quality chemicals.
  • It is suggested to cover your hair with some swimming cap if you like to submerge yourself completely in the water. This not only benefits Hot tub but also protect your hair from getting damaged.
  • Drain and clean the water frequently, at least 3 to 4 times in a year.
  • Avoid drinking any drinks in the Hot tub and if you cannot, then make sure you don’t spill them into Hot tub water.

Remedies for Foaming in Hot tub:

Now that you took enough care to keep up Hot tub clean and prevent foaming from happening in your Hot tub but still it occurs, then below are the remedies to take as soon as you consider it as a serious problem.

1. ​Use chemicals to get rid of it easily:

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Now the most and simplest method to do to get rid of foams is to use chemicals which can remove foams from your Hot tub instantly. They are called “Anti-foam chemicals” and will be available at all leading super stores. But understand this correctly that this just gets rid of the problem temporarily and is not a permanent solution.

2. Use of equipment:

You can also remove some unwanted chemicals instantly from the Hot tub by using equipment like Scum buster which removes the scum directly from the water thereby preventing the foam from occurring. Using floating oil absorber that removes excess of oil particles from water. Also, it is advisable to check the calcium level and pH of the water regularly (like once in a week) using Hardness test strips and Test strips (for pH) respectively.

3. Evacuate the water completely and refill:

If all the above solutions don’t resolve your worries, then the last solution would be completely evacuated or drain the water from Hot tub and refill it with a fresh one. By this means you can definitely get rid of foams occurring in your Hot tub.


Hot tubs are meant for relaxation or to help you in the form of hydro therapy and to keep your stress away. As we said earlier, foaming in Hot tub is not a very serious problem. However, it could be, and lead to some infections if proper care is not taken at right time. Foams are generally caused because of improper handling of water that is being used in the hot tub. Little care towards handling the hot tub can save your money that needs to be spent on running to hospitals, if not.

Basically, the care that has to be taken for hot tub should be at least weekly or monthly. With the use of right chemicals at right time and taking little precautions can keep all the problems or issues related to hot tub away. Using the above methods at can easily resolve your foaming related issues and let you enjoy your lovely time in Hot tub.


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