What Does FLO means on a Hot Tub?

Have a consistent flo error code shown on your control panel, however, do now not know what must be accomplished to set it right; then you have stumbled upon the right place.

A lot of times you do not recognize why the hot tub isn’t heating or the temperature is down in the preferred range these are a few things as a result of the flo error. Before we get into what causes an flo error and how to fix it, I must likely explain what a low flo genuinely is.

What is a hot tub flo error?

flo error hot tub


On either side of the hot tub, there is a sensor that reads the water pressure flowing through the system or a pressure switch located on your heater element which does the same. These sensors check the flow of water and prevent it from going dry.

If the flow of water is not at the desired level, there are a lot of chances of air running through it, and if a heater or motor is running with air in it, then this is called as the system is running dry. If these are the problems in your hot tub, the sensor indicates the heater to shut down to protect itself from burning out and preventing any damage to the equipment.

What causes a hot tub flo error?

The indication of flo error usually means there may be a problem with water flow in your hot tub.

When you get an “flo” message as a blunders code in your hot tub panel, expressed in numerous methods, “FL” “FLO” or ”FLOW.” It suggests that there’s no water flow or insufficient water flow through the hot tub heater which is caused due to a strain switch malfunctions or a flow switch malfunctions.

There are a couple of common causes for float mistakes in hot tubs; however The number one purpose of a spa showing the error code “FLO” is because of a grimy or wiped out filter system. Filters are usually the primary perpetrator as people don’t take time to clean the cartridges quite often, so the pleats get clogged and restrict the flow.

Water stage is also not an unusual aspect in flow errors, regardless of an insulating cover there is lots of evaporation which take place and which could result in significant loss of water. If the water receives too low and the spa’s filter isn’t always absolutely submerged it is capable of drawing air into the gadget giving you a low go with the flow blunders.

Different types of water flo errors

The flo errors are differentiated into many unique shows to slender down the FLO blunders. They are

1) Blinking FLO

The Heater has been deactivated, the pump is on, and Flow or Pressure switch is open this means that the machine detects the spa has called for heat, which makes the PC board apply strength to the pump. But the PC board has not detected water flow which makes the machine deactivate the heater to keep away from damage to the heater.

2) Solid FLO

The Pump is switched off, the flow or pressure switch is likewise closed which means the system has not detected flow because the PC Board has no longer applied pressure to the pump. However, the flow pressure switch is stating that there may be a water drift. The flow or pressure switch is stuck in the closed position or shorted.

These codes are a few of the most, not unique blunders codes associated with drift problems or the pressure switch/flow switch. The essential reason is the water flow through the spa control device, if the water isn’t always flowing at a charge to satisfy the pressure switch, it will result in one in every of the error codes indicated above.

How to trouble shoot water flo error?


Always remember that the filters should be rinsed thoroughly every month, and cleaned properly every three months or so and It has to be replaced annually or bi-annually if you use two different filters.



Always remember if your hot tub displayed an FLO message first test to see if there is any hair or debris wrapped across the Flow Switch paddle, then do the troubleshooting technique. If all else fails, then contact the Service support team to book a diagnostic and repair your hot tub.

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