When you Need to Drain a Hot Tub Water

There are several reasons why you might need to drain a hot tub, and there are many ways of draining a hot tub, too. You can use a submersible pump to drain the hot tub or use the in-built nozzles to let the water out of the bottom of the hot tub. As with all draining tasks, you must make sure that the hot tub is completely dry before you refill it or try to move it.

Hot tubs need to be drained now and then as the water in the hot tubs can get chemically imbalanced after constant use. If the color of the water is dirty or there is debris floating in the hot tub, you should consider draining it immediately. There are many reasons why you might need to drain your hot tub. Here’s a look at some of these reasons.

When you Need to Drain a Hot TubCleaning The Hot Tub – If you want to clean the hot tub, you will need to drain all the water from it and make sure it’s completely dry before you start cleaning it. Any water left in the pumps or the filters can dilute the cleaning materials, and it might not give you a properly clean result.

Moving The Hot Tub – If you want to move your hot tub from one location to another, you will need to make sure it’s completely dry. If there is water left in the hot tub, it might lead to slippage or a mess on the floor when you lift the hot tub for moving it.

Repairing the Hot Tub – There could be several reasons for your hot tub needing repair, and in most of these cases, you will need to drain out the hot tub. If there is any water present in the hot tub while it is getting repaired, it can hamper the repair process and might even lead to further damage to equipment and tools.

Regular Use – If you have used your hot tub for a party with friends and family over the weekend, you might want to drain it before you use it again. Often, after extended use, the water takes on a cloudy hue, and that doesn’t look too appealing in a hot tub.

Chemical Imbalance – When you use a hot tub, you always want it to be properly balanced chemically otherwise it can harm the health of those who use the hot tub. If your test strips tell you that the water’s pH balance is off, you might want to drain the hot tub, clean it and refill it to ensure correct chemical composition.

Unclean Water – In case the water in your hot tub is unclean because of dust or debris in the water, you should clean it by draining the water. Refill the hot tub with clean water that is chemically balanced so that it is safe for usage.

Things to Consider While Draining a Hot Tub

If you are planning to drain your hot tub, there are certain things you should consider before you open the nozzles and let the water out. Here’s a quick look at all factors you should keep in mind while draining a hot tub.

1) Community Regulations – Before draining the hot tub’s water into your garden or your street, make sure your local regulations allow drainage of large amounts of water. You can check for it on your local municipality website regarding the laws associated with hot tub water drainage.

2) Proper Drying – Make sure the hot tub is completely dry. You can use a mop or towels to soak up any remaining water in the hot tub. Also, make sure you open up the water filter panel and check if there is any water remaining in there. If you are planning to store away the hot tub for a season, any remaining water can cause the internals to rust . If not dried properly, the water can also cause chemical imbalance when you refill the hot tub.

3) Shut Off The Power – It is vital to turn off all the power to the hot tub before you start draining it. The timer on the hot tub is set to turn on the water supply if the water level gets below a limit so turn off the timer too so that the pool doesn’t fill itself while you are draining it.

4) Avoid Pumping Water Near Streams – In case you have a natural water source near your house, avoid pumping water into it as it can pollute the water of the natural resource. It can also lead to fines and punishment from your local authorities(1). The solution to this is to let the water sit in the hot tub for a few days so that it dechlorinates on its own. You can also use chemicals that can remove chlorine from the water so that it can be safely disposed of in your yard.

5) Don’t Keep Your Wooden Hot Tub Dry for Long – If you are draining a wooden hot tub make sure you don’t let the hot tub stay dry for too long as it can warp the shape of the hot tub. Just dry it for the time it takes to move or repair the hot tub and then refill it with water once you are done.


Draining a hot tub can be helpful in multiple ways. It can make the repair and moving easy, and it can also help to maintain the right balance of chemicals in the water of the hot tub. Just keep in mind the simple things you need to consider while draining your hot tub and you will be able to enjoy the full benefits of soaking in the hot tub.

Remember, the wastewater in the hot tub is often full of chemicals that can be harmful if they are simply mixed in with the river or drains. Proper disposal of pool or hot tub water is your responsibility as an owner.

Have you recently drained your hot tub? Please feel free to share any tips or tricks about draining hot tub in the comments for our readers.


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