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120V Vs 240V Hot Tub

120v vs 240v Hot Tub

Buying a 120v vs. 240v hot tub can be a difficult decision as anyone buying a hot tub for the first time is bound to get confused between the two.

Even for people who have bought a hot tub in the past, choosing between a 120v vs. 240v hot tub can be tough. There are so many conflicting opinions online that it can be difficult to make a choice between the kind of hot tub you want to buy for your house.

First, let’s take a quick look at the definition of 120v and 240v hot tubs. 120v and 240v are voltage measurements that define the lowest amount of current a hot tub is designed to handle.

Anything more than that, and the hot tub will heat up excessively and might cause a fire hazard.

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