What Hot Tub Temperature is Safe During Pregnancy ?

Using a hot tub during pregnancy is something that most expecting mothers want to do, but they should practice certain precautions to make sure that using the hot tub is safe for them and their baby. Soaking in a hot tub has several benefits such as a relaxed feeling, lowering of stress, and lowering of blood pressure, better sleep, and much more.

When it comes to pregnant women, using a hot tub at certain times during the pregnancy is not recommended by the medical professionals. Hot tubs should be avoided during the first trimester as even a ten-minute soak in the hot tub can raise the body’s temperature that can be harmful to the fetus(1). Keeping hot tub’s temperature lower than 100 degrees F can be ideal, but even then pregnant women should not soak in the tub for more than ten minutes at a time(2).

Consult Your Physician Before Using the Hot Tub

Most hot tubs are by default set to warm water at temperature 104 degrees F. If you are thinking about using a hot tub during your pregnancy, make sure you consult your physician to get their suggestions regarding the use of a hot tub.

As a physician has access to your medical history and health condition, they are in a better position to suggest if you should use a hot tub. In case you have any apprehensions regarding using the hot tub, you can discuss it with your physician.

Precautions to Follow While Using Hot Tub During Pregnancy

The months of pregnancy can often be difficult for women. With constant aches and pains, any moment of comfort can be a relief. Soaking in a hot tub can be such a comfortable experience. But at the same time, you have to be cautious while using the hot tub, for your as well as the health of your baby. If you want to soak in a hot tub, here are some precautions that you can take.

  • Limit your hot tub soaking times to 10 minutes a session at maximum.
  • Lower the temperature of the water till 95-98 degrees F(3), so that it does not increase your body temperature for the time you are in the hot tub. (4)
  • You can also switch off the jets in the hot tub and let the water cool down a bit before stepping into the hot tub.
  • Keep a lookout for signs of feeling uncomfortable or nauseous.
  • Monitor the temperature of the hot tub with an external thermometer before getting in the hot tub.
  • Keep a check on your body temperature. Make sure you keep drinking water to stop from getting dehydrated.
  • Immediately get out of the tub if you feel dizzy or lightheaded.


For pregnant women, soaking in a hot tub should be avoided in during the first trimester(5) and even after that, hot tub should be used after the physician’s approval. Keep the temperature of the water lower than 100 degrees F and ensure every soaking session is less than 10 minutes. For more information about hot tubs and their use cases, please browse through this website.


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